The Major Players

Since I am very confident that I will be mentioning my fabulous friends often, here’s a little guide to the who-is-who of my world:

(Name/Age/Profession/Marital Status)

– Miss Agnes/20 something/Attorney/Single

– Mrs. B/20 something/Journalism, Media Guru/Married

– Miss Rose/20 something/Human Resources, MBA/Single

– Mrs. K Squared aka Mrs. K2/20 something/Social Work, MSW/Married

– Miss H/20 something/Administrative Ace/Coupled

– Miss PoliSci/20 something/Sales and Customer Service/Coupled

– Mrs. Preppy/20 something/Attorney/Married

– Mrs. V/20 something/Attorney/Married

– Mr. G/20 something/Attorney/Coupled

– Miss PR/20 something/Public Relations/Single

– Miss Dubs/20 something/Nursing Student/Single

– Mr.  Whore/20 something/Oil & Gas Sales/Single

– Mrs. Bookworm/20 something/Technical Support/Married

– Mrs. LR/20 something/Banking/Married

– Miss A/30 something/Administrative Ace/Single


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