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UPDATE: 2012 Goals, 30 Under 30, and Being a Bad Blogger

I can’t believe it’s been almost two months since my last post — which merely directed readers to go check out something I posted on a different site. Terrible. Truth be told, I used to blog at my old job. I know, not okay. At all. The good news is I don’t do it at my new job. The bad news is that it now seems I don’t blog at all. I will admit that my radio silence also has something to do with not feeling like I have anything to say. (Gasp!) But I like blogging and I like reading blogs and I want to keep getting better at blogging. So I’m back. Again. Hopefully there are still people out there who are mildly interested in what I ramble about. 

2012 Goal Progress:

1. Stop being a bitch — I haven’t consciously thought about this one in a while, but I actually think I’m doing better. (I realize I never gave the explanation I promised. I’ll add it to the to-blog-about-queue.)

2. ONEderland. I’m actually moving in this direction. Boot camp has been going really well and I am at my lowest weight since early 2011. 14 pounds down from my highest weight ever. Onward and downward my friends.

4. See Mrs. Preppy’s baby 6 times. (2/6)

7. Run 4 5ks. I’m currently signed up for two — the first one is this Saturday! 

9. See roommate’s baby boy 6 times. (1/6)

14. Serve at church. COMPLETED. I’ve been serving in the two-year-old class since January and honestly it’s been really enjoyable — crazy at times, but enjoyable.

16. Go to a Thunder basketball game. COMPLETED. Miss Dubs and I got to watch the Thunder beat the Jazz on Valentine’s Day. Free beer and great company = good times.


20. Visit the Bookworms in Chicago. I leave for a lovely three day adventure in the Windy City exactly one month from today! And I seriously cannot wait.

30 Under 30 Update:

1. Make Macaroni and Cheese from scratch. COMPLETED! I tested out PW’s Recipe at my Lifegroup’s Easter picnic and it was a hit! 

2. Try 50 new recipes. I really haven’t been keeping very good track of this lately but I think I’ve added 8 — Macaroni and Cheese, Melt in Your Mouth Chicken, Sweet Orange Glazed Carrots, Balsamic-Garlic Encrusted Pork Tenderloin, Freezer Breakfast Burritos, Mexican Stuffed Peppers, Turkey-Bean-Vegetable Chili, and Mashed Sweet Potatoes — for a total of 14/50. The Mac and Cheese was divine; the Melt in Your Mouth Chicken was easy and pretty good but reminded me that I just don’t like chicken that much; the Glazed Carrots were a fail because I over-cooked them; I ate every bite of the Balsamic-Garlic Pork — go make it! I lightened up the burrito recipes and they turned out great — still working on eating them; The Mexican Stuffed Peppers were easy and delicious; and I loved both the Turkey-Bean-Vegetable Chili and the Mashed Sweet Potatoes. (Sorry about the ones without links — they’re all from Weight Watchers Online.)

3. Read the bible cover-to-cover. I’m behind on my reading plan right now, but I have read 19% of the Bible so far. This is definitely the most progress I’ve ever made on this goal so I’m really excited about it!

10. Join one OKC-based organization. COMPLETED! Last Thursday Miss Dubs and I attended our first event as official members of the Junior League of Oklahoma City 2012-2013 Provisional Class. Whoop!

16. Grow my own pepper garden. I planted 6 types of peppers this year. Fingers crossed that at least a few bear fruit this year!


This actually doesn't show all the peppers but you get the idea.

22. Buy a new (or new-to-me) bike to replace the one that got stolen last year. COMPLETED! I picked up my beautiful new Bianchi last week and we went on our first ride (the Red Bud Classic) this past Saturday. I am smitten. 


What have you been up to lately? How are your 2012 goals coming?


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T-minus 25ish Months: 30 Under 30 Update

Here’s what I’ve accomplished since I last posted about my 30 Under 30 List:

(2) Tried 6 new recipes:

Skinny Tuna Noodle Casserole by SkinnyTaste.com

Love the Tuna Noodle Casserole. A little labor-intensive, but not terrible. The recipe says it makes 6 servings for a WW Pts + value of 8, but I split mine into two 8 x 8 foil pans so I’d have 8 servings at 6 pts+. I also gave a pan to my sister because there is no way I could eat 8 servings of Tuna Noodle Casserole in a week no matter how much I loved it. But seriously, delicious. And it doesn’t call for canned soup so I think it is much more wholesome and flavorful than a lot of similar casseroles.

Slow Cooker Potato and Bacon Chowder

I liked this soup but for some inexplicable reason didn’t eat much of it. Perhaps it was the oregano — not my favorite spice. The texture was really good for a healthy-ish potato based soup though. It felt really hearty which I always appreciate.

Chicken Ropa Vieja from SkinnyTaste.com

Mrs. B and I enjoyed this piled on to taco salad. Really easy to make but it is a lot liquid-ier than I expected. I would not put in all of the “reserved broth” it calls for if you want something less soupy, which is what I prefer for a taco salad topping.

Slow Cooker Angel Chicken

This recipe has been blowing up Pinterest lately but sadly, I was less than impressed. I wanted the sauce to be thicker, which I’m sure could have been achieved with cornstarch or a roux but that would have increased the WW pts + value and I wasn’t up for that. I didn’t end up eating all of this, which is pretty unlike me. I don’t think I’ll be making it again.

Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic and Cranberries by The Pioneer Woman

I saw the Pioneer Woman make these Brussels Sprouts, which are totally my favorite food, on her Christmas special on the Food Network. I knew we had to have them as part of our Christmas dinner, which unconventionally for us featured Cornish game hens (I’m a fan!). The B-Sprouts were easy to make and really similar to how I usually prepare mine. They turned out really well and my mom told me that she and my dad ate all of the leftovers, which was a serious shock.

Cranberry Cream Cheese Dip by Jamie Cooks It Up!

I made this dip for a Christmas snack at the recommendation of Miss PoliSci and it was a HUGE hit. I didn’t de-seed the jalapeno so it was really spicy but that’s how we roll chez moi. Seriously, it’s awesome. Make it. Stat.

(8) Serve at church — I’m attending an orientation for this on Saturday night. My lovely sister’s nagging finally wore me down. =)

(12) I’ve accomplished hanging curtains and getting a night stand — my sister found an awesome reclaimed wood one and gave it to me for Christmas. Total win.

(29) Read (actually listened to on my iPod via audible.com) 8th Confession by James Patterson.

I used to be a huge fan of Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club series but the last couple of books have disappointed. The story line about the hermaphrodite was just too outlandish and didn’t contribute to the story at all. Not a bad listen, but not on my recommended reads list either.

In-progress: Game of Thrones, Dragonfly in Amber, and Cutting for Stone.

Have you crossed anything off your to-do list lately?

* Click on photos for credits/links to recipes.

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Life List/30 Under 30: Update

I’m contemplating changing my Life List to a 30 Under 30 Project just to give myself greater accountability. 30 Under 30 is pretty much what it sounds like — a list of 30 things to accomplish before I turn 30. I’ve got a little less than 30 months until I turn 30 and I think it would be a great project for me to accomplish 30 goals by then. I won’t be able to move everything from the Life List over to the 30 Under 30 project (there is no way I’ll get in that much international travel any time soon!) but some of the goals can co-exist. Here are a couple of things I’ve managed to cross of the Life List lately (that I’ve been completely negligent about blogging about!):

1. Attend an opera. I saw Don Gionvanni in February at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center. It was in Italian. (Duh). There were subtitles. While I was incredibly impressed with the mad vocal skills of the performers, I can’t say I was converted to a life-long opera patron.

2. Renters Insurance. After my horrible bike theft experience last summer, you would have thought I would have been on the renters insurance train asap. But I am tool and I never got it in Tulsa. After moving to OKC and discovering that Mrs. Preppy’s hubby could help me get a policy, I took care of business. Seriously, it was so much easier to do dealing with someone who I know. So now my belongings are covered, which is good considering I’ve been borrowing my sister’s bike for quite some time.

3. Read The Help. I did this in like January or February! I can’t believe I never blogged about it. I listened to the book on my iPod and thought it was absolutely phenomenal. The characters were incredibly well-developed and the story is beautifully told. Mrs. B and I went to see the film on opening night and thought it was fantastic too. I thought the film truly honored the book, which is incredibly rare, and that it was well-cast. Bryce Dallas Howard was the perfect villain as Hilly Holbrook.

I’m really happy that I crossed several things off of the Life List (without even really realizing it). Now, for my 30 under 30:

1. Make macaroni and cheese from scratch.

2. Try 50 new recipes. (0/50)

3. Read the Bible cover-to-cover.

4. Read 10 Classic books. (0/10)

5. Buy a new (or more likely new-to-me) car.

6. Complete Couch-2-5k.

7. Buy OSU Season football tickets.

8. Serve at church.

9. Design, make and hand calligraphy address my own Christmas cards.

10. Join one OKC-based organization.

11. Go on two trips. (0/2) (This doesn’t sound like much, but the Miami trip was my first in 3 years so if I plan to go on two more before I turn 30 that will be an accomplishment!)

12. Furnish/Decorate my bedroom – Nightstand, bookshelf, paint dresser, reading chair, curtains. (0/5)

13. Go on a weekend getaway trip solo.

14. Run in 10 races. (0/10)

15. Have a quilt made out of all my old Kappa Delta t-shirts.

16. Grow my own pepper garden.

17. Take at least one tennis lesson.

18. Attend a musical.

19. Practice yoga 2x per week for 3 months.

20. Meet with a financial planner.

21. Go camping.

22. Buy a new (or new-to-me) bike to replace the one that got stolen last year.

23. Read a book written in French.

24. Host a dinner party.

25. Back – up all music and pictures onto external hard drive.

26. Print pictures and put in albums from 2008 to present.

27 . Replace my lost (super sad face) Kappa Delta badge/pin.

28. Donate/contribute volunteer to/at least one event/cause/charity per month. (1/28) (This month I donated to the WW Lose for Good Campaign and the Thomas Family Puzzle Project!)

29. Read 60 books. (0/60)

30. Reach my goal weight. I don’t know what that exact number is yet (I want to find a happy, maintainable weight), but I know I want to start my 30s feeling healthy and fit.

I’m really excited about this project and I hope I will do a much better job of blogging about it than I have been doing on my Life List lately!

Have you ever heard of a 30 under 30 list? What is/would be on yours? Do you have anything you want to accomplish before a milestone birthday or event?


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