UPDATE: 2012 Goals, 30 Under 30, and Being a Bad Blogger

I can’t believe it’s been almost two months since my last post — which merely directed readers to go check out something I posted on a different site. Terrible. Truth be told, I used to blog at my old job. I know, not okay. At all. The good news is I don’t do it at my new job. The bad news is that it now seems I don’t blog at all. I will admit that my radio silence also has something to do with not feeling like I have anything to say. (Gasp!) But I like blogging and I like reading blogs and I want to keep getting better at blogging. So I’m back. Again. Hopefully there are still people out there who are mildly interested in what I ramble about. 

2012 Goal Progress:

1. Stop being a bitch — I haven’t consciously thought about this one in a while, but I actually think I’m doing better. (I realize I never gave the explanation I promised. I’ll add it to the to-blog-about-queue.)

2. ONEderland. I’m actually moving in this direction. Boot camp has been going really well and I am at my lowest weight since early 2011. 14 pounds down from my highest weight ever. Onward and downward my friends.

4. See Mrs. Preppy’s baby 6 times. (2/6)

7. Run 4 5ks. I’m currently signed up for two — the first one is this Saturday! 

9. See roommate’s baby boy 6 times. (1/6)

14. Serve at church. COMPLETED. I’ve been serving in the two-year-old class since January and honestly it’s been really enjoyable — crazy at times, but enjoyable.

16. Go to a Thunder basketball game. COMPLETED. Miss Dubs and I got to watch the Thunder beat the Jazz on Valentine’s Day. Free beer and great company = good times.


20. Visit the Bookworms in Chicago. I leave for a lovely three day adventure in the Windy City exactly one month from today! And I seriously cannot wait.

30 Under 30 Update:

1. Make Macaroni and Cheese from scratch. COMPLETED! I tested out PW’s Recipe at my Lifegroup’s Easter picnic and it was a hit! 

2. Try 50 new recipes. I really haven’t been keeping very good track of this lately but I think I’ve added 8 — Macaroni and Cheese, Melt in Your Mouth Chicken, Sweet Orange Glazed Carrots, Balsamic-Garlic Encrusted Pork Tenderloin, Freezer Breakfast Burritos, Mexican Stuffed Peppers, Turkey-Bean-Vegetable Chili, and Mashed Sweet Potatoes — for a total of 14/50. The Mac and Cheese was divine; the Melt in Your Mouth Chicken was easy and pretty good but reminded me that I just don’t like chicken that much; the Glazed Carrots were a fail because I over-cooked them; I ate every bite of the Balsamic-Garlic Pork — go make it! I lightened up the burrito recipes and they turned out great — still working on eating them; The Mexican Stuffed Peppers were easy and delicious; and I loved both the Turkey-Bean-Vegetable Chili and the Mashed Sweet Potatoes. (Sorry about the ones without links — they’re all from Weight Watchers Online.)

3. Read the bible cover-to-cover. I’m behind on my reading plan right now, but I have read 19% of the Bible so far. This is definitely the most progress I’ve ever made on this goal so I’m really excited about it!

10. Join one OKC-based organization. COMPLETED! Last Thursday Miss Dubs and I attended our first event as official members of the Junior League of Oklahoma City 2012-2013 Provisional Class. Whoop!

16. Grow my own pepper garden. I planted 6 types of peppers this year. Fingers crossed that at least a few bear fruit this year!


This actually doesn't show all the peppers but you get the idea.

22. Buy a new (or new-to-me) bike to replace the one that got stolen last year. COMPLETED! I picked up my beautiful new Bianchi last week and we went on our first ride (the Red Bud Classic) this past Saturday. I am smitten. 


What have you been up to lately? How are your 2012 goals coming?


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