OKC v. Tulsa – Part II

As I discussed in Part I of my OKC v. Tulsa debate, the transition from Tulsa to Oklahoma City has been a struggle for me. The good news is that I truly feel like it is getting better due in part to the following things (in addition to my job) that I’m learning to appreciate and (gasp!) even love about OKC:

1. These people:

Sister and Brother-in-Law QLC (Photo courtesy of Sister QLC)


The nephews on Halloween (Personal photo)

2. The Y. I have become a huge, huge fan of the Y — my lovely sister deserves all the credit for this — and I’ve even convinced Miss Dubs to get a membership too so we can sweat it out together. The Y is cheaper than my gym was in Tulsa and with a membership you have access to any Y in the OKC area! This is seriously awesome. There is a Y a few blocks from my office that I like to hit up post-work and on the weekends and I’m taking Boot Camp with my sister at the Y closest to her three mornings a week. Plus, there is a new Y by Miss Dubs where we can meet up for workouts too. I’ve never felt like it was over-crowded and it seems like there are people of all fitness levels there so it isn’t intimidating.

3. BFC. As I mentioned in Part I, Miss Agnes brought together a lovely group of women for a Christmas fete last month and we had such a wonderful time that we decided to start a monthly happy hour. So every third Thursday of the month, I get to enjoy the company of the “Best Friends Club” (I cannot take credit for the hilarious name) while sampling various OKC eateries. I feel fortunate to be part of a fun, diverse group of ladies who want to go out and do things together. I definitely think it will help me broaden my OKC network and feel more at home here.

The BFC at our Limo Light Tour (Photo courtesy of Miss Agnes)

4. My LifeGroup. I was in a LifeGroup in Tulsa and I really liked everyone in it, but I never felt really “in” if that makes any sense. I didn’t hang out with anyone in the LG outside of our regular Monday meetings and I don’t think I even had anyone’s phone number. My new LG is really active. Our leader is awesome about getting together activities outside of our meetings to fellowship with each other and with other groups. In the past few weeks this has really helped me feel more a part of my LG and like I’m developing important new friendships.

5. My closet. Trivial? Completely. But man do I love my closet! It is so big. After living for two years in what Miss H, Miss PoliSci, and I not-so-lovingly referred to as the “baby nursery” and then spending a year in “the cottage,” having a spacious abode has been incredibly nice. The thing about having a big closet is that it is truly frightening how fast you can fill it up. I also have enough space in my bedroom for the exercise bike, which I’ve never had before and I’m enjoying that too. It’s the little things right?

I know that it is going to take time for me to feel like OKC is my home and that’s okay. I also know that I need to put more effort into finding people and places I enjoy here. I think the first few months were kind of a mourning and adjustment process and now it’s time to get down to it. Good thing my spring social calendar is filling up with lots of entertaining and OKC-centric things to do! Tulsa will always be my hometown, my first love, but OKC is my home now and it’s time for me to embrace it.

Have you ever struggled with moving to a new town? What was the hardest part for you? How’d you get past it?




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5 responses to “OKC v. Tulsa – Part II

  1. Lunchboxes at Edna’s should be on this list ๐Ÿ™‚

    • quarterlifeconfused

      Lunchboxes at Edna’s lead to inappropriate behaviors…like Gundying…in public… Yikes. But they are oh so delish. =)

  2. I should be on this list ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Amanda

    I should also be on this list…..considering our monthly meetings that are going to start!!!

  4. Tulsa! Tulsa! Tulsa! ha ha just kidding…kind of! I am SO jealous that you live close to your sister and her cute family! Wish Auntie Miss PR lived in the same city as we do……it’s amazing how much that can make you love a city that isn’t your first choice ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Jenny (sister of Miss PR)!

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