T-minus 25ish Months: 30 Under 30 Update

Here’s what I’ve accomplished since I last posted about my 30 Under 30 List:

(2) Tried 6 new recipes:

Skinny Tuna Noodle Casserole by SkinnyTaste.com

Love the Tuna Noodle Casserole. A little labor-intensive, but not terrible. The recipe says it makes 6 servings for a WW Pts + value of 8, but I split mine into two 8 x 8 foil pans so I’d have 8 servings at 6 pts+. I also gave a pan to my sister because there is no way I could eat 8 servings of Tuna Noodle Casserole in a week no matter how much I loved it. But seriously, delicious. And it doesn’t call for canned soup so I think it is much more wholesome and flavorful than a lot of similar casseroles.

Slow Cooker Potato and Bacon Chowder

I liked this soup but for some inexplicable reason didn’t eat much of it. Perhaps it was the oregano — not my favorite spice. The texture was really good for a healthy-ish potato based soup though. It felt really hearty which I always appreciate.

Chicken Ropa Vieja from SkinnyTaste.com

Mrs. B and I enjoyed this piled on to taco salad. Really easy to make but it is a lot liquid-ier than I expected. I would not put in all of the “reserved broth” it calls for if you want something less soupy, which is what I prefer for a taco salad topping.

Slow Cooker Angel Chicken

This recipe has been blowing up Pinterest lately but sadly, I was less than impressed. I wanted the sauce to be thicker, which I’m sure could have been achieved with cornstarch or a roux but that would have increased the WW pts + value and I wasn’t up for that. I didn’t end up eating all of this, which is pretty unlike me. I don’t think I’ll be making it again.

Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic and Cranberries by The Pioneer Woman

I saw the Pioneer Woman make these Brussels Sprouts, which are totally my favorite food, on her Christmas special on the Food Network. I knew we had to have them as part of our Christmas dinner, which unconventionally for us featured Cornish game hens (I’m a fan!). The B-Sprouts were easy to make and really similar to how I usually prepare mine. They turned out really well and my mom told me that she and my dad ate all of the leftovers, which was a serious shock.

Cranberry Cream Cheese Dip by Jamie Cooks It Up!

I made this dip for a Christmas snack at the recommendation of Miss PoliSci and it was a HUGE hit. I didn’t de-seed the jalapeno so it was really spicy but that’s how we roll chez moi. Seriously, it’s awesome. Make it. Stat.

(8) Serve at church — I’m attending an orientation for this on Saturday night. My lovely sister’s nagging finally wore me down. =)

(12) I’ve accomplished hanging curtains and getting a night stand — my sister found an awesome reclaimed wood one and gave it to me for Christmas. Total win.

(29) Read (actually listened to on my iPod via audible.com) 8th Confession by James Patterson.

I used to be a huge fan of Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club series but the last couple of books have disappointed. The story line about the hermaphrodite was just too outlandish and didn’t contribute to the story at all. Not a bad listen, but not on my recommended reads list either.

In-progress: Game of Thrones, Dragonfly in Amber, and Cutting for Stone.

Have you crossed anything off your to-do list lately?

* Click on photos for credits/links to recipes.


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One response to “T-minus 25ish Months: 30 Under 30 Update

  1. I love this!

    I love the list too, I turn 25 in a few months and I’m trying to start a similar list for things to do in my 25th year of life.

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