Well hello, long lost love…

Oh, my dear, sweet, sweet blog. How I’ve missed you. I miss writing. I miss sharing. I miss the sense of community I get from blogging and reading the blogs of others — I can’t keep up with my google reader these days and it makes me sad panda.

Honestly, I don’t know why I’ve stopped blogging since I moved. Sure, the demands of my job have changed and I have become more focused, but I wouldn’t say that I’m actually any busier than I was in Tulsa. In fact, I have far less to do on a day-to-day basis without my book clubs and kickball and all of my previous Kappa Delta responsibilities. Part of me feels like I haven’t been writing because writing things makes them more real for me and there are things in my life that I don’t want to be real — like the dull ache in my heart of missing home. Maybe I haven’t written because I haven’t had anything to say that isn’t whining. Maybe I haven’t written because somehow in moving you lose part of yourself and then reincarnate into something else in a new place and this new self hasn’t found her voice yet. Maybe I haven’t written because I feel like I say the same.exact.things.over.and.over.and.over. And no one wants to hear them anymore. I’m really not sure what brought on the writer’s block but I am determined to shake it off in 2012. After all, I’ve boldly declared that #2012ismyyear. (All credit owed to Miss PR for inspiring my 2012 mantra/hashtag.)

Last January I didn’t make any resolutions. I didn’t really set any concrete goals. I merely said that in 2011 I would focus on my health. You may or may not be surprised to hear that that was a flop. And I probably shouldn’t be shocked by that — I am a girl who likes lists and checks marks and stickers and crossing things off. I love to accomplish things — even if that accomplishment is merely crossing “make bed” off my daily to do list. If I write something down, I am 87% more likely to actually do it. (You know I completely made that percentage up, right?) So I made goals in 2012. And I plan to write them on a poster board and hang them in my room and cross them off. That has to be how I get it done. But I also feel like sharing them here can’t hurt. So in 2012, here’s the game plan:

1. Stop being a bitch. (This one probably requires some explanation…I’ll get to it, promise.)

2. Get to ONEderland.

3. Visit NYC with Miss Dubs in celebration of her graduation from nursing school.

4. See Mrs. Preppy’s precious baby at least 6 times.

5. Save $5,000.00 towards a down payment on a new car.

6. Visit Napa for Miss Runner’s Dirty Thirty.

7. Run four 5ks. –> This year is about getting to a pace I feel good about before I start reconsidering distance running.

8. Pay off one small debt.

9. See my college roommate’s soon-to-arrive baby boy at least six times.

10. Start a Kappa Delta Supper Club with Miss Dubs.

11. Visit Las Vegas for Miss Agnes’s big 3-0.

12. Read 30 books.

13. Head south to hang out with Miss K2 in her new town.

14. Serve at church — I started this process today!

15. Blog x 2/week.

16. Go to a Thunder basketball game.

17. Buy OSU season football tickets.

18. Replace headliner in my car.

19. Wash and vacuum car once a month.

20. Visit Mrs. Bookworm (and Mr. BW) in Chicago.

The two things I’ve thought a lot about in relation to my goals are being a better friend and being a better steward. I spent the last six months completely absorbed in myself — my new job, my move, my new town, me, me me. I let people I care about deeply slide into the background. That’s not the kind of friend I am so this year I will make the effort to see my friends (and their little ones!) more. To be the one who makes the catch-up calls and plans to visit. God has given me more friends than I could ever deserve and I need to treat those relationships with the reverence they deserve. In terms of stewardship, I want to take better care of the resources I have been given. I want to take better care of my clothes and my car and my money. I think it’s part of growing up and I think God has put it on my heart this winter.

Obviously, I will also be focused on my health – as the overweight perpetually are. But I think discussion of that mission is another post for another day.

It feels good to be back. I hope you’ll have me!

PS – Feel free to ask me about my goals any time! I need the accountability! What are your goals/to-dos/resolutions for the new year?



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  1. Mrs. Bookworm

    I feel like there’s something missing. . .

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