I’m in Miami Bitch! (Well, I was, two months ago….)

First picture of the trip! Waiting at TIA to board our plane to Dallas.

Did you really think I could get through my Miami recaps without a Snooki reference? 😉 First of all, I should tell you that we had a fantastic girls trip to South Beach this year. We drank too much, danced too hard, wore too little sunscreen, and shed a fair amount of tears. And it was everything I needed this summer. It was truly wonderful to spend quality time with fabulous ladies before the mayhem of moving truly commenced. I hadn’t been on a true vacation since I took the bar exam in August 2008. To say this trip was long over due is the understatement of a lifetime. Without further ado, Miami…#sorryforpartying!

The night before the trip, J and I schlepped all of our gear (I wish I had a picture of the amount of luggage we took on this trip — completely absurd!) over to the casa de Miss Runner and Miss PR for an old-fashioned pre-trip slumber party. It was really fun to get ready for the trip together, but in reality probably not the best idea — we only got about two hours of sleep before it was time for Papa PR to drive us to the airport. No one can make you laugh like your favorite Frenchman at 4 a.m. Everyone quickly learned that I am a real piece of work in the pre-dawn hours. After some intense F-bombing and a comment about “clogging the arteries of the terminal” we were on board and I was asleep. I’m sure my traveling companions rejoiced at the 45 minutes of relief this provided from my crotchety morning antics.

We arrived in Dallas in plenty of time to get our “official vacation breakfast” – airport McDonald’s. I know, gross, but oh so good. And we found the lovely L waiting for us at our gate! Before we knew it we were on board and I was napping again. After a pretty quick (or it seemed like it to me!) flight we arrived in Miami! We collected our bags, snagged a super snazzy mini-van cab and rolled to the Marriot South Beach. (Part-two of my recaps will include reviews/pics of our hotel and the restaurants we visited!)

First of many drinks at the poolside bar!

We enjoyed a few cocktails poolside and hit up the hot tub. Our waiter, Tony (I might have totally made that up but I feel like we did know his name at one point — Ladies?) recommended a club for us to try out that evening, promising it was “very Miami.” After getting dolled up, we hit Ocean Drive to check out Mango’s Miami. (Fun fact: The ladies of TLC’s Big Sexy were recently there as well! I love it when I see places I’ve been on TV!)

  Mango’s completely lived up to its billing. They have incredible half-dressed bartenders/dancers, including a Michael Jackson impersonator. He was fantastic. It was definitely touristy but still highly entertaining. I taught J how to pick out foreigners based on their footwear and we befriended two Aussies, or so they said. 😉 Miss Runner and I completely had our doubts but they came through…but I’m getting ahead of myself.  The lack of pre-trip sleep and the day of travel caught up with us rather quickly and we called it an early night.

Unfortunately, it was cloudy/rainy when we woke up the next morning. Miss Runner and I headed to the S’bucks in our hotel (best.thing.ever) to caffeine up for the day and we saw ADAM SHANKMAN! I was ridiculously excited but I totally nerded out and didn’t talk to him. I didn’t even try to slyly snap an iPhone pic. I know, totally lame, but Miss Runner can vouch that this did actually happen. And for all you SYTYCD fans, he had a roast beef sandwich and two iced teas and was rolling a black Volvo.

Since the weather wasn’t cooperating with our beach-going plans, we decided to shop….and by shop I mean drink. Okay, okay, I think we did kind of have the intention of shopping but we

L and J enjoying their 44 oz. Margaritas! (I don't know how many ounces they really wore, only that they were seriously huge!)

got hungry and stopped at a yummy Italian restaurant that was advertising 2 for 1 drinks. Done and done. Fortunately the rain stopped and we were able to hit the pool/hot tub at our hotel again for some afternoon relaxation before getting cleaned up for a fancy schmancy night out!

We had dinner reservations at Michy’s Miami, Chef Michelle Bernstein’srestaurant and I was ridiculously excited about trying the super tough Top Chef Judge’s food. I’ll break it all down for you later, but you should know that every single thing we ordered was fabulous. Our waiter, James, was excellent — he obliged us by taking several group photos, recommended lots of restaurants and bars for us to try, and hooked us up with the best cab driver ever.

L and Miss Runner enjoying our classy evening at Michy's Miami


Our cabbie was rolling a mini-van, not unusual for our group-size. When we told him we wanted to go to the Clevelander, he asked if we wanted to jam on the way to the hotel/club. Of course, we said yes and the cabbie proceeded to drive and spin on a mini-turntable in the cab. Seriously, turntable in the cab. Oh, and he was excellent. We danced and fist-pumped our way across town (and fortunately didn’t die) and were completely ready to party when we arrived at the Clevelander… Unfortunately, it was raining and the “club” is really an outdoor bar/stage/dance floor by the pool. Don’t worry, we figured out how to have an epic Clevelander experience. It was a trip highlight. The details are coming up next!

Have you been to Miami? Or have you been on any fun girls trips? If you were planning a girls trip, where would you go and why?

*All pictures personal.



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3 responses to “I’m in Miami Bitch! (Well, I was, two months ago….)

  1. Miss Polisci

    I love this sentence, “I taught J how to pick out foreigners based on their footwear”. HA!

  2. quarterlifeconfused

    Haha, it really happened! And my accuracy rate was pretty impressive!

  3. Mindy S

    Ahh so fun to read the recap of the trip!

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