Me in Miami

We leave for Miami in 27 days. (EEEEeep!) I am totally and completely obsessed with the trip right now. This week I created an elaborate spreadsheet with a packing list, a shopping list, a list of pre-trip to-dos, and a list of places to go once in Miami w/ contact info, directions, etc.  Seriously, OB.SESSED.

I’ve also been doing a lot of online window shopping (with the help of Miss H!)  I’m struggling a little bit with what to wear in Miami.  Summer in Oklahoma is blistering hot so all of my summer clothes are super casual.  I don’t get a casual vibe from the Miami sites I’ve been trolling lately.  I’ve been trying to find some summery clothes that can look a little more dressed up than my usual wannabe-bohemian/hippie-fare (for me this means loose sundresses, lots of hair braids, earth tones and flats).  I’ve made a couple of purchases for the trip so far which include:

Old Navy Grey-and-White-Striped One Piece - Currently SOLD OUT online

Forever 21 Fedora - $6

I also bought a pair of Nine West Wedges ($27) and a Black Sheer Swiss Dot Cover-up ($15) at Ross yesterday.  (Sorry for the lack of pics = Blogger Fail).  All of these things have been cute and a good deal but none of them are particularly sassy.  GAP is having a 25% sale today and I put these items in my shopping cart:

GAP Paillette-Trimmed Racerback Cover Up - $39

GAP One-Strap One Piece - $30 (Originally $59)

I’m not sure if I’m ready to purchase either item but I’ve had my eye on both for a while and 25% off plus free shipping isn’t something to ignore…  I still haven’t really found anything going-out in South Beach worthy but here are a few other things I like:

Lane Bryant Emblem Print Maxi Dress - $50

GAP Camo Ruffle Maxi Dress - $90

Seychelles Yellow Wedges - $95 via Zappos

I would really like to find a fun, printed knee-length skirt to wear with a simple tucked in tank/belt/wedges.  So far no luck, but I’ve got some time to perfect my packing list and I’m definitely enjoying the shopping process.

Have you every been to Miami? What would you want to wear if you were going? And do you shop obsessively for your vacations?

*Click on pictures for links to my Miami Pinterest Board.  From Pinterest, you can click on the pictures to go to the external website for each item. If you don’t have Pinterest, you should get it! Amazeballs. Leave me a message if you want an invite!



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5 responses to “Me in Miami

  1. No need for me to comment, as you are painfully aware that I obsess over what I am going to wear on a trip! But yes, it is the first thing I think about when I plan a trip. And I over pack. I could have stayed in Paris a good 3 weeks with the clothes I took.

  2. Lauren

    Love those yellow wedges!

  3. Mindy S

    I love that cover up! All I have bought is a hat! I need to get on it! Unfortunately I’m a last minute packer so I always end up in a panic whenever I’m ready to go somewhere and therefore ruining the opportunity to buy online! Can you send me an invite to pintrest i’ve been wanting to try it. Thanks

  4. Girl you are going to have an awesome time, no matter WHAT you wear! That being said, you do have some pretty fab choices here. I recently made some friends in Miami who offered to let us stay with them if we ever visited, so I might be planning a trip in there in the future too. Have fun preparing for your trip!

  5. Love everything! You are going to look super fabulous in Miami!! I love the cover up and the yellow wedges….hmmmmm….now I must go shopping! Can’t wait to hear about the Girl’s Trip!!

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