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Me in Miami

We leave for Miami in 27 days. (EEEEeep!) I am totally and completely obsessed with the trip right now. This week I created an elaborate spreadsheet with a packing list, a shopping list, a list of pre-trip to-dos, and a list of places to go once in Miami w/ contact info, directions, etc.  Seriously, OB.SESSED.

I’ve also been doing a lot of online window shopping (with the help of Miss H!)  I’m struggling a little bit with what to wear in Miami.  Summer in Oklahoma is blistering hot so all of my summer clothes are super casual.  I don’t get a casual vibe from the Miami sites I’ve been trolling lately.  I’ve been trying to find some summery clothes that can look a little more dressed up than my usual wannabe-bohemian/hippie-fare (for me this means loose sundresses, lots of hair braids, earth tones and flats).  I’ve made a couple of purchases for the trip so far which include:

Old Navy Grey-and-White-Striped One Piece - Currently SOLD OUT online

Forever 21 Fedora - $6

I also bought a pair of Nine West Wedges ($27) and a Black Sheer Swiss Dot Cover-up ($15) at Ross yesterday.  (Sorry for the lack of pics = Blogger Fail).  All of these things have been cute and a good deal but none of them are particularly sassy.  GAP is having a 25% sale today and I put these items in my shopping cart:

GAP Paillette-Trimmed Racerback Cover Up - $39

GAP One-Strap One Piece - $30 (Originally $59)

I’m not sure if I’m ready to purchase either item but I’ve had my eye on both for a while and 25% off plus free shipping isn’t something to ignore…  I still haven’t really found anything going-out in South Beach worthy but here are a few other things I like:

Lane Bryant Emblem Print Maxi Dress - $50

GAP Camo Ruffle Maxi Dress - $90

Seychelles Yellow Wedges - $95 via Zappos

I would really like to find a fun, printed knee-length skirt to wear with a simple tucked in tank/belt/wedges.  So far no luck, but I’ve got some time to perfect my packing list and I’m definitely enjoying the shopping process.

Have you every been to Miami? What would you want to wear if you were going? And do you shop obsessively for your vacations?

*Click on pictures for links to my Miami Pinterest Board.  From Pinterest, you can click on the pictures to go to the external website for each item. If you don’t have Pinterest, you should get it! Amazeballs. Leave me a message if you want an invite!



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Weekly Weigh-in: Week 6

Skipping two weeks of WW is never a good idea…

Gain/loss: + 1.0 pound

Total gain/loss: – 2.4 pounds

Things are clearly moving in the opposite direction I would like for them too, but I suppose only gaining one pound in three weeks of lackadaisical behavior isn’t the worst thing in the world. It isn’t the best either.

This week I’ve done really well with working out so I am definitely pleased with that. Yesterday morning I did what I call a Cardio-athlon — 20 minutes on the treadmill, the elliptical and the stairmaster for a total of 60 intense minutes of cardio.  Not gonna lie, I felt like a rock star.  Staying on each machine for only 20 minutes helps me to push myself for the entire time and keep my heart rate up. Sometimes when I get on the elliptical and set it for 45 minutes, I just don’t work that hard because it seems difficult to keep my intensity up on the elliptical for 45 long minutes. Changing things up works for my short workout attention span.

I also took my measurements yesterday morning.  I haven’t done this in a long time but I know that it is a great way to see changes in your body during a weight loss journey.  I made a new spreadsheet (my current obsession) for them and set calendar reminders every four weeks to re-measure.

Today’s meeting topic at WW was about tracking (i.e. writing down) what you eat. I suck at this. At best, I am a Mon-Wed tracker. Then I weigh-in Thursday morning and lose my mind completely until Sunday night. Not okay. I think I am crappy about tracking for two reasons: 1) Sheer laziness and 2) DENIAL.  If I track it, I have to admit how many points it really was and sometimes I just don’t want to know.  But not tracking is not working for me so my goal for the coming week is to track every day, even if I go over my allotted points by a million, I have to write it down.  I think tracking will help me be more honest with myself about what I’m actually consuming and why the scale isn’t going down right now.

How’s your week going? Any goals for the coming week?

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Crunch Time

Pre-Tour de Cure: Miss PR, Miss M & Me

Things have been a little crazy lately so I’ve been failing at blogging – typical.  I’ve been busy celebrating birthdays and going to the lake and playing with friends and winning kickball games and going on bike rides.  I have not been eating at home and I have not been working out as much as I would like/think I should.  And we leave for Miami in 30 days!

I can’t believe it. The trip will be here before I know it. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m going to make my 20 pounds before Miami goal at this point. But that doesn’t mean I am throwing in the towel.  After all, my weight loss journey is about long term results, right? Plus, even if I don’t lose 20 pounds pre-Miami, I can still lose some weight and feel stronger and healthier and glowier.  So yesterday, I made a crazy menu plan for the next two weeks and hit up the grocery store.  Normally, I only shop in one-week increments but since I am not a great budgeter and I haven’t been going to the store as regularly as I should, I figured it would be best to knock out two weeks (roughly) worth of meals so I had no excuses for not eating well.

June 6th: Mayo-less Tuna Salad; Grilled Portabello Wrap (I had the Tuna Salad last night too and it was SO easy and delicious!)

June 7th:  Grilled Portabello Wrap; Bun-less Turkey Burger with Baked Sweet Potato Chips

June 8th:  Turkey Burger Wrap w/ 100 calorie Guacamole pack; Book Club (I may make a smoothie before I go to curb hunger so I don’t overeat  like I usually do!)

June 9th: Potato Supreme; Club Wrap

June 10th:  Potato Supreme; TBD

June 11th:  Lunch with the Fam (guessing, at El Rio Verde!); Lake

June 12th:  Great-uncle’s 80th Birthday Party Luncheon; PW’s Chicken w/ Garlic and Tomatoes

June 13th:  Leftover Chicken; Baked Mahi Mahi w/ Spinach and Brussels Sprouts

June 14th:  Turkey Burger Wrap; Baked Tilapia w/ Broccoli and Sweet Potato

June 15th:  Leftover Chicken; Baked Mahi Mahi w/ Spinach

June 16th:  Turkey Burger Wrap; Leftover Chicken

I may have to hit up the grocery store at some point in the next two weeks to replenish my produce selection but other than that I am totally set up! It feels really, really nice to have a game plan.  Now, to get back into the gym routine too….

What have you been eating lately? Does having a menu plan help you stay on track?

PS – Just wanted to post a quick shout out to one of my favorites, Geoffersonspin — He not only completed his second Lake Tahoe Century for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society yesterday but also proposed to his lovely girlfriend, now fiancée! YAY! So happy/excited for him!


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