Springtime Eats

Springtime is (allegedly) upon us and the Farmers’ Market opens in a mere 10 days.  I’m ready for fresh spinach and carrots and strawberries.  And to plant my herb and vegetable garden with Mrs. BW (details and pictures forthcoming).  I love all the delicious produce that will soon be readily available to me, but I suck at warm-weather eating.  Tis the season of salads.  And well, that’s a problem for me.

I consider myself a meat-and-potatoes, cold-weather, hearty eater.  I’m not saying I spend the winter drowning in comfort foods laden with butter and cream (not every day, anyway), but I do love WW’s Skillet Beef and Beer Stew, Chili, my “famous” Italian Chicken, Black Bean Soup, meatloaf — seriously, I could go on forever here.  So menu planning for me during the colder weather months is usually a cinch.  And then comes spring, when fresh produce is plentiful and I am at a food loss.

I feel like I should confess that I have a love-hate relationship with salad.  I’m not talking about a side salad, I mean, a salad as my entrée salad.  I don’t want to say that I hate salad, because that isn’t entirely true.  There are salads that I love — the I.T.R., the Ultimate Salad at Big Al’s (seriously, order it), and Walt’s Champagne Chicken Salad from Charleston’s — but in general, I pretty much never think, I really want a salad for dinner.  That doesn’t mean I don’t eat them, but I definitely don’t make them for myself at home.  And really, of the salads I really like, most of them have ingredients/dressings that are less than healthy.

So in terms of planning meals for the spring/summer I struggle.  Salad is not ideal to me and it is too damn hot (or will be soon, I hope) to make the soups and hearty dishes that I love.  I do make a lot of egg/chicken/tuna salad in the spring/summer but really I can’t think of anything else that I like this time of year.  I do enjoy using my crock pot so I don’t eat up the kitchen but other than that I feel at a loss.

So I am asking for your help, dear readers.  What do you like to eat in the spring that’s fresh and light and healthy?  I am pretty much open to anything, except salad. 😉


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  1. Mrs. BW

    Don’t worry, we’ll expand your spring eating ideas with our Supper Club!! April 10th: I can’t wait!

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