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Springtime Eats

Springtime is (allegedly) upon us and the Farmers’ Market opens in a mere 10 days.  I’m ready for fresh spinach and carrots and strawberries.  And to plant my herb and vegetable garden with Mrs. BW (details and pictures forthcoming).  I love all the delicious produce that will soon be readily available to me, but I suck at warm-weather eating.  Tis the season of salads.  And well, that’s a problem for me.

I consider myself a meat-and-potatoes, cold-weather, hearty eater.  I’m not saying I spend the winter drowning in comfort foods laden with butter and cream (not every day, anyway), but I do love WW’s Skillet Beef and Beer Stew, Chili, my “famous” Italian Chicken, Black Bean Soup, meatloaf — seriously, I could go on forever here.  So menu planning for me during the colder weather months is usually a cinch.  And then comes spring, when fresh produce is plentiful and I am at a food loss.

I feel like I should confess that I have a love-hate relationship with salad.  I’m not talking about a side salad, I mean, a salad as my entrée salad.  I don’t want to say that I hate salad, because that isn’t entirely true.  There are salads that I love — the I.T.R., the Ultimate Salad at Big Al’s (seriously, order it), and Walt’s Champagne Chicken Salad from Charleston’s — but in general, I pretty much never think, I really want a salad for dinner.  That doesn’t mean I don’t eat them, but I definitely don’t make them for myself at home.  And really, of the salads I really like, most of them have ingredients/dressings that are less than healthy.

So in terms of planning meals for the spring/summer I struggle.  Salad is not ideal to me and it is too damn hot (or will be soon, I hope) to make the soups and hearty dishes that I love.  I do make a lot of egg/chicken/tuna salad in the spring/summer but really I can’t think of anything else that I like this time of year.  I do enjoy using my crock pot so I don’t eat up the kitchen but other than that I feel at a loss.

So I am asking for your help, dear readers.  What do you like to eat in the spring that’s fresh and light and healthy?  I am pretty much open to anything, except salad. 😉


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I don’t want to be a drifter.

Not like a nomadic drifter (although I don’t want to be one of those either).  I don’t want to feel like I am drifting in the spring wind (and holy hell is it windy here) when it comes to my health.  I’ve been loosely planning, and very loosely sticking to my menus (although not necessarily posting them).  I’ve been working out, but not very hard and not on any kind of regular, sensible schedule.  I feel completely out-of-focus.

It recently occurred to me that Freewheel is less than three months away (Eeep!). I then remembered how I felt on the MS 150 Ride last September — that it would have been so much easier if I was about 30 pounds lighter! (Btws, Geoffersonspin, Mom QLC and I are all signed up and ready to go for Bike MS 2011! Woot woot!)  Freewheel is 5 days longer than the MS Ride so that’s an additional five days of hauling this big ass around on a bicycle.  (Man, it sounds less fun all the time. ) So in an effort to reclaim my focus and put down some roots for the next few months so that I feel better on the ride and in a tank top, I bring you my new training schedule!

Sunday: Bike, Upper Body Weights

Monday: Cardio Mix, Stairclimbing (The American Lung Association Fight for Air Climb will be here in 10 days! You can support my team, Vertical Adrenaline which includes Mr. & Mrs. BW, by clicking here!)

Tuesday: Run.*

Wednesday: Cardio Mix, Lower Body Weights, Stairclimbing

Thursday: Run, Kickball

Friday:  Cardio Mix – Possible Spin class, Stairclimbing (optional)

Saturday:  Bike, Run

Some of you may be thinking that this schedule doesn’t involve a day of rest, which is often recommended on workout schedules. Well, I feel like I’ve been resting for 9 years and it is time to stop resting and get a move on. Also, when I ride my bike to prepare for Freewheel or the MS 150, I don’t really feel like it is a work out. I truly enjoy it and I rarely feel like my heart rate spends more than a couple of minutes in the cardio zone so I don’t think it counts.

Now, let’s address that * by the word Run above.  As some of you know, I have done my fair sharing of running in my life — 3 half-marathons to be exact.  Unfortunately, that “fair share of running” came to a dead stop after the OKC Half last year.  You may recall (but I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t) that I pulled/strained/somehow did something to my hamstring mid-race.  After that, I wasn’t feeling the running so much.  I haven’t run with any regularity since.  I am not “a runner.” I don’t hop on the treadmill when I go to the gym because it is good exercise.  I have to be on a program. I have to have a tangible plan, preferably crafted by someone else.  It is for that reason, that I plan to start the Couch to 5k program this week.

When I first thought of doing it, I felt a little silly.  I’ve run so much farther than a 5k that I shouldn’t have to go back to basics! But then I realized that we all have to go back to basics sometimes and that if I want to be faster and more disciplined, I need to build up to it. Plus, I know lots of other bloggers and friends (What up, Miss Dubs!) who have really enjoyed the program.  I think it will be really good for me to get into running regularly again and I feel like the elliptical is totally boring sometimes (plus, I don’t work as hard as I should when I’m on it.)  So I’m getting on board and shifting into high gear.  After all, in 80 days, I am supposed to wear spandex for a week!


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Menu Plan Monday: Week of March 7th

I went to the grocery store on Saturday night (lame, I know) which ended up being really nice. It wasn’t crowded and I didn’t have to worry about it on Sunday.  Sunday I cooked one of my main meals for the week and prepped the other so that this morning all I had to do was switch on the crock pot! I think I set myself up for a good week!

Sunday:  Leftovers — the last of the Tuna Salad I made last week; Garlic Shrimp in Coconut Milk w/ Tomatoes & Cilantro (I made it last night and it was really good!)

Monday:  Garlic Shrimp; Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken

Tuesday: Garlic Shrimp; Dinner party at N’s

Wednesday:  Santa Fe Chicken; Baked salmon w/ pico de gallo

Thursday:  Santa Fe Chicken; Garlic Shrimp

Friday:  Santa Fe Chicken; TBD

Breakfast:  Ham, cream of wheat, WW smoothies, bagel thins

Snacks:  Pistachio pudding, fruit, yogurt, popcorn

What are you eating this week? Have you tried any new recipes lately?


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Do you see what I see?

A picture says a thousand words, right? Well, sometimes I wish it didn’t.  Today, I saw this picture of myself:

This is a cropped version of me dancing in a big group of my friends from my birthday party last weekend.  In context, it’s pretty funny.  But today when I saw it all I could think was, “Wow, I had no idea that my arm looked like that.”

I mean, I look in the mirror every day. I get on the scale at least 5 days a week. I know what size clothes I wear.  I don’t think you could accuse me of being in denial about my weight/size/appearance, but for whatever reason, in my head I don’t look that bad.  But then I see a picture like that and I am completely shocked.  And then I wonder, is that what everyone else sees when they look at me every day?And then I feel jiggly and gross and put on a sweatshirt.

Maybe I don’t see it because when I look in the mirror I am alone.  When it’s just me and the looking-glass, I just see my self.  But in pictures, I see me . . . next to other people (not in a comparing my self to them in a negative way, but as a I-need-others-for-scale kind of way).  And I see me from angles that wouldn’t be possible in a mirror.  That’s when I really see how far I have let my self go and how far the mental image I carry of my self is from the truth.  It’s jarring.  And scary.  And makes me sad.  That is my arm.

This is the girl in my head, in case you were wondering: Board.  (If you chose not to click, it’s a collage of pictures of me from 2000 – 2008, at varying weights and states of healthiness.)  I really want the girl who shows up in pictures, the girl who everyone sees, to be the same girl who lives inside my head.  Somehow, I think the disconnect between the two holds me back on my “Quest for Health.” It stands in the way when I try to forgive myself and when I try to move forward.  I hope that somewhere on this journey who I am on the inside and who I am on the outside can merge into simply me.


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