Plus-Size Clothes Are Ugly.

Seriously, they are.  I’m not saying that I think I should get to wear every possible trend out there.  I (think anyway) understand my body, its shape, and what is flattering.  But omg, just because I need a bigger size does not mean style should go straight out the window!  I have been an Old Navy/Target girl forever.  But sometimes they really piss me off.  How is it possible that they can make cute clothes and they can make plus-size clothes but they can’t make cute plus-size clothes?

Example: Old Navy has some alright jean shorts available online in their plus-size section right now. (Yes, I want to rock jorts in Summer 2011. I know, I know, I never thought I’d see the day.)  The problem is they are in a super light wash.  First of all, I think dark washes are cuter and more happenin’ in general and second, a girl with an ass this size has no business rocking anything lightly colored on the lower half! Dark jeans are far more slimming and look better overall. Why can’t they make the same shorts in a darker color?!

Why oh why can't you be darker?

And Target’s plus-size shorts collection is equally bad.  I realize that there are other resources for plus-size clothing, but I feel like Target and Old Navy are the most reasonably priced and easily accessible options. Is it really too much to ask for a plus-size short that looks like these:


These are exactly what I want.

Apparently because I am plus-sized I am supposed to wear dated colors/washes and camo capris.  (Only the plus-size gals get to rock the ON camo pants — they don’t come in 0-16.  Try not to die of jealousy.) I’m not asking for stores/designers to produce their full collections in plus-size versions.  I’m sure that is would not be a good business move — hell, I wouldn’t wear a lot of trendy stuff for the sole reason that it isn’t figure flattering on a plus-size lady such as myself.  But come on, you can’t give me a couple good-looking basics?  I just want one decent looking pair of shorts for the summer so I don’t have to wear the super scary larry pair I wore all last summer out of desperation.

I guess not being able to walk into a store and always buy off the rack is part of the burden of being over weight.  I am not a standard size and therefore am not allowed to dress as coolly as my slimmer peers.  I’m not looking to replicate the likes of Carrie Bradshaw or Serena Van der Woodsen.  I just want one decent pair of shorts.

What makes shopping frustrating for you? Height? Broad Shoulders? Small Chest? Waist-Hip Ratio? Selection in your size?

DISCLAIMER:  I realize that wearing a size 6 does not magically turn shopping into this magical occasion during which every article of clothing you try on fits perfectly.  I know that no one is perfect, all of our bodies are different and finding a good fit is difficult for everyone for a variety of reasons.

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9 responses to “Plus-Size Clothes Are Ugly.

  1. Shopping as a petite size (as in short) is a huge pain in the butt, too. I could get things hemmed, but I refuse, so the number of brands I have to choose from is limited. I also have the “problem” of being small and curvy, so a lot of styles just won’t fit me. Women’s clothing should come in measurements like men’s does. Our bodies are a lot more variable, and yet they have a lot more options when it comes to sizes.

    • quarterlifeconfused

      Good point about men’s sizing! I agree that it would work much, much better for women than the current crazy system!

  2. Mindy

    One problem I have is my torso is long so lots of shirts shirts are to short or just hit in weird unflattering places. Also getting things to fit over my butt and on my waist is a problem.

  3. Ugh, shopping for clothes sucks, no matter what your size is. I have a larger bust and no waist, so finding tops that don’t make me look huge is a struggle. I like Victoria’s Secret clothes, but have to wear their biggest size, and it sometimes still doesn’t fit.

    Have you ever looked at Torrid ( I have several friends who shop there, and they always look cute and trendy!

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  5. Ladies,
    I’m an Image Consultant in Los Angeles and I have clients that come to me in all shapes and sizes. Most of them do not have “middle-of’-the-road” bodies and come to me for help because shopping DOES suck for them. One thing I tell all of them, “you have to have your clothes altered to fit.” Don’t fight it. It’s not fair, but that’s just how it goes. I have almost everything tweaked in one way or another.
    Plus size clothing is another matter. It really pisses me off. Why do manufacturers think that just because you’re a larger size that you have no taste and no appreciation for quality? I makes me so sad and angry to see big girls get kicked to the fashion curb. WTF? I frequently email companies that make or stock plus sizes and tell them that there’s a whole world of women out there who have money to spend and nowhere to spend it. I recommend you do the same.
    I just found a website that has some very cute styles (ala Anthropologie) and their sizes go from 0-26W! The only problem, as I see it, is that they use too many synthetic fabrics. I emailed them, too, to tell them as much. I’m sure the prices would go up some, unfortunately—-right now they’re very reasonable. Synthetics don’t bother some folks as much as they bother me and more power to them!
    It’s really important to feel good in everything you wear—it’s a way to tell yourself that you love yourself. Don’t be angry that you can’t “walk into” garments; do the best you can with what you were give—-spend a few extra buck and get things tailored to fit. You’re worth it!

  6. I have to agree with you – department stores just don’t offer good plus size clothing. They make a big deal advertising that they have plus sizes, but no one who wants to look even slightly fashionable would want what they have.

  7. I wind up getting a lot of my garments altered to fit me better because it’s almost impossible to find a perfect fit in most department stores.

  8. Clare Wojtusik

    I seriously need help finding tasteful, classic, plus sized clothing. I’m becoming desperate and feel the need to begin designing and making my own clothing, What is wrong with buyers for plus sizes. We do not all appreciate polyester, unstructured, loud prints. Please help me find classic, well structured, clothing.

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