Menu Plan Monday: Week of February 14th

Ah, it feels so nice to be back to planning my menu!  I decided to keep things pretty simple/light this week.  I made my soup on Sunday evening while my acorn squash was roasting (I decided that I like Butternut Squash much better).  I also boiled the eggs for my egg salad so I can put it together at lunch tomorrow.

Monday*:  Vegetable Soup (Seriously, this WW has almost every veggie you can think of) & Egg Salad Sandwich;  Steak, acorn squash, brussels sprouts, baked potato w/ fat-free sugar-free chocolate fudge pudding and strawberries for dessert =)

Tuesday:  Vegetable Soup & Egg Salad Sandwich; Book Club — I haven’t decided what I’m going to contribute yet, but the theme is “heart healthy” so I think everything will be a little lighter than our normal book club fare.

Wednesday:  Chicken-Veggie Soup (I put chicken in half of the soup I made to mix things up and to get some extra protein in); Steak, brussels sprouts, sauteed spinach

Thursday:  Egg Salad & Veggie Soup; Breakfast for dinner — Eggs, turkey bacon, rye toast, fruit salad

Friday:  Chicken-Veggie Soup; TBD

Breakfasts:  Cream of wheat, eggs, turkey bacon, Thomas Bagel Thins, Shredded Wheat

Snacks:  Fruit, yogurt, whole wheat homemade pita chips w/ Laughing Cow Light, veggies w/ ranch dip (1 16 oz. tub of light sour cream + 1 packet of hidden valley ranch dry mix)

* I decided that in honor of Valentine’s Day, I would indulge in meat on Meatless Monday.  I also plan on “indulging” in two workouts and a glass of red wine since my “singles” lifegroup is canceled for V-Day.  Oh, the irony….


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