Weekly Weigh-In: Getting Back to “Normal”

I feel like it was best said here, “The snow is sucking my will to live.”  Seriously.  Things have been just completely out of whack since the great blizzard of last week.  I was homebound for several days and then depending on rides from lots of wonderful friends/family until Tuesday evening when I FINALLY got my car back from getting new tires. Woot woot! And then it snowed AGAIN. Ri-freaking-diculous.

I have felt totally off this week, even though I’ve been back to my regular work schedule.  Since I didn’t have a car over the weekend I didn’t do my regular grocery shopping or make a menu.  I’ve been to the gym some but not enough.  I have been having a horribly difficult time getting out of bed in the mornings for work because it is painfully cold outside. I mean, you guys probably know all of this because you are going through it too.

I did not attend my WW meeting this morning. FAIL.  But I logged on and tracked my food so that’s the first good step of my WW week (which runs Thurs to Wed). I plan to get my life back this week. Gym. Spin. Menu. Vegetables. Bring it on.  It doesn’t hurt that the forecast is calling for balmy weather and sunshine next week!

Looking forward to getting back to the grind and feeling more like myself — well, a lighter version of myself that is. How’d you fare during the winter weather? Did being homebound mess up your usual routine as badly as it messed up mine?




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3 responses to “Weekly Weigh-In: Getting Back to “Normal”

  1. Kaci

    I hear ya sister!

  2. hollyrocks

    I think the warmer weather will work wonders on us all. I managed to be good for the most part, and I think that is largely due to the fact that I do my workouts at home. I’ve done the gym thing in the past, and I even had a gym I really enjoyed going to. But when I did my student teaching right before I graduated, I had to stop working and couldn’t pay for my membership. I got into the habit of working out at home and I actually prefer it that way now. Still, I’m totally sick of the crappy weather.

  3. Mindy

    I’m such a creature of my weekly routine and being snowed in killed me! I’m soo excited about the warmer weather! I might actually go buy a bike!

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