We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging for…SNOWTORIOUS!

Seriously, biggest snowstorm in my part of the world EVER.  So on Monday instead telling you about my menu, I was frantically packing up the things I needed to work from home, standing in line at the grocery store to stock up on eggs, bread and milk (which was already gone by the time I got there) and hunkering down for the storm.  At first, it was cool and a little fun even.  And now it is day 3 of being snowed in.  I tried to get my car out of my neighborhood and got stuck. Awesome.  WW was canceled.  I didn’t bother to weigh-in at home because well, the only thing to do during a blizzard is eat, drink, and play UNO, right? (Seriously, Target was sold out of UNO on Monday. People must know what’s up.)

So yeah, not my best week I’m sure.  Hopefully the temps will get above freezing over the weekend so I venture to the gym and restock the fridge with veggies — and throw out the cookie dough… Sometimes things just go the way they go.  I could have done better with what I have actually been eating and doing, but I haven’t and I don’t have a good excuse.  It is what it is.  Time to move on to doing better tomorrow and the next day and the one after that….

Hope you are all stay ing safe and warm!

PS – Shoveling 14″ of snow off your driveway is hard, like seriously.


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One response to “We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging for…SNOWTORIOUS!

  1. I’ve got a little stash of at-home workout equipment, and I feel like I have those things to thank for the fact that I haven’t yet gone completely insane. Our house isn’t as tiny as the apartment we lived in before, but it isn’t huge either. I would have an intense case of cabin fever right now if it weren’t for my secondhand treadmill making me feel like I went somewhere, even if I was just walking in place like a hamster while watching hgtv. 😉

    I’m hoping for some melting action tomorrow. Maybe we’ll get a chance to break free! Until then, I hope you’re enjoying some forced downtime.

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