Weekly Weigh-In: Week 3

As anticipated, this week’s weigh-in didn’t go that well.  I was honestly recovering fairly well Mon-Wed from last weekend’s over-indulgence, but then I went to book club last night.  And I had a fantastic time.  And I ate way too much delicious food — veggie curry, naan, homemade eggplant dip and hummus, and honey-poached-pear-cake-with-white-chocolate-pistachio icing. Seriously.  I realize I should have and could have eaten smaller portions of everything, but well, I just didn’t.  So without further ado:

Weekly +/-: + 1.9 lbs

Total +/-: – 2.0 lbs

I feel pretty lame about it, but really at this point all I can do is move forward.  When I logged into WW online to log my weight it told me this:

“Look back at this week and see what you might be able to change; then let go of what you can’t. The best thing to do is focus on is making this coming week a success.”

Although I find some of the WW emoticons and encouragements a little cheesy most of the time, I thought this was really good advice.  I knew I probably wouldn’t have a great weigh-in this week and I think I used that as a crutch to not be as diligent at book club as I should have been.  I mean, hey, I’m going to gain tomorrow anyway so this extra piece of naan really isn’t a big deal, right? Um, wrong. And here’s why:

It is a big deal because I reverted to past bad behavior.  It is a big deal because I didn’t forgive myself for what I ate last weekend; instead I used it as a reason to wallow.  I didn’t let go of the things I couldn’t change and move on to what I could do to be successful.  And now it is time to do just that.

Things I can change this coming week:

1.  Eating at home for the weekend.  Okay, don’t get crazy, I probably won’t eat every weekend meal at home, but I can at least schedule a few.  I’m concert-bound on Saturday night with the fabulous Miss PR, and instead of going out to eat before the show we’re going to whip up something fabulous and healthy together!

2.  Getting in a Sunday workout.  Last Sunday I laid on the couch for like 10 hours. I’m not kidding.  This week I would like to hit up the Sunday afternoon spin class to sweat out the weekend and get the week off to a good start.

3.  Spending more time at home.  Generally, I am busier towards the end of the month.  The past two weeks have really been no exception.  Next week I have very little scheduled on the weeknights so I am looking forward to eating at home. With my measuring cups/spoons.  Come to think of it, I really should have asked for a measuring cup last night.  Let’s come back to this…

Things I need to let go of:

1.  Today’s weigh-in.  I gained weight.  It happened. I cannot change it but I can do the work to make things different on the scale next week.

2.  Everything I ate last Sunday.  It is haunting me.

About those measuring cups, I really wasn’t kidding.  Portion control is crucial to the WW program and really to our health in general.  I am often guilty of over-eating healthy foods, which is almost as bad as eating things that aren’t healthy because too much is too much.  I’ve also found that when I measure out a cup of something, like couscous, I see that it really is a lot of food.  I think as a visual eater it is important for me to see that.  So bust out your measuring cups/spoons this week and see if you’re eating the correct portions of your favorite foods. I dare ya.

Something I did this week that I am proud of was actually thawing out some of the soups I made and froze a couple of weeks ago.  I freeze stuff all the time.  And then I pull it out of the freezer, get grossed out and throw it away, Tupperware and all.  I know, crazy wasteful. And pretty stupid.  So this week I revisited the Black Bean Soup and the Broccoli-Cheese-Sausage-Potato Soup, which meant I did almost no cooking.  Unfortunately, I didn’t think the Black Bean Soup was as good after spending two weeks in the freezer.  The texture of the carrots and celery was kind of funky but it was still edible.  But the BCSP Soup was great!

What can you change from last week to next week that will help you achieve your goals?  What do you need to let go of?


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