Weekly Weigh-In: Week 2

So I tried to weigh-in this morning, really, I did, but no such luck.


All dark at WW this morning.


My meeting location was closed! Okay, I’m not sure that is 100% true.  Here’s the deal: I woke up later than planned because I had been up off and on all night checking on my roommate’s dog (I’m dog-sitting and the pup was not doing so hot when I got home last night so of course I was paralyzed with fear that something horrible would happen) and then when I first went outside to try to warm up my car the doors were frozen shut. Awesome. So anyway, things got off to a slow start and I arrived at WW about 10 minutes after the meeting would have ended. But there is a meeting later today so the lights would have been on and people would have surely still been milling about if it had actually been open.  So I am telling my self, that WW was closed and it is not my fault that I didn’t get to weigh-in.  Good thing I got on the scale at home!

Weigh In: – 0.3 lbs*

Total Lost: – 3.9 lbs

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed.  I feel like I have been working really hard and that loss is small, but a loss is a loss is a loss. Still moving in the right direction.  I do think that I indulged too much over the weekend.  I counted all of my food and stayed within all of my points, but I still think it was a little too much.

At this stage in my journey, I get a LOT of points.  My daily points are based on my weight and the activity points I earn are also related to my weight.  (30 minutes on the elliptical basically burns more calories on me than it would on someone 50 pounds lighter than me.)  Since I’ve been working out roughly 5 days a week for 45-60 minutes, I have earned a considerable amount of activity points.  And while I know that I can eat all of them, I’m not sure that I should eat all of them.  Some people (i.e. my mom) eat all of their activity points every day while others don’t eat them at all.  I’m still working on finding the right balance and I know that will take some time.

The only thing I really have on the agenda for the weekend is Miss H’s birthday party so I should be able to eat/drink/exercise reasonably the rest of the weekend.  Sometimes I eat out on the weekends out of sheer laziness or because I feel like I should since it’s Saturday or whatever.  But really, it isn’t necessary.  I also think by Saturday I’m bored with cooking and cleaning and want to take a break, which is fine, but that break shouldn’t necessarily always include tacos.

I’ve thought a lot about my goal of working on my sleep schedule.  I had been trying to get up and work out before work, but I haven’t been very successful.  I think working out in the mornings is great, but I’ve managed to get in plenty of exercise after work and on the weekends so I may just let this go a little bit.  Maybe I’ll make it my goal to get in 2 A.M. workouts per week and call that good.

Goals for the upcoming week: 1) Eating some of the stuff in my freezer and 2) Lifting Weights.  My workouts lately have been pretty cardio heavy, which will help me drop weight more quickly, but I don’t want to be all jiggly.  (And let me tell you, I can feel all my wobbly bits in spin class!) My body typically responds well to strength training – I can see the difference in my shape pretty quickly and my metabolism is a fan.  So I know I need to do it, now I just need to pick what type of training I want to do and commit to the days I plan to do it!

What have you been working on this week? What would you like to work on next week?

*This loss may not be perfectly accurate.  My home scale and the WW scale are always quite a bit different.  The – 0.3 lbs is based on the comparison of my weight last Thursday on my home scale and my weight today on my home scale.


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