Menu Plan Monday: Week of Jan. 17th

Usually when I plan my menu I try to take into account what nightly activities I have going on.  If I am supposed to go somewhere I try to keep cooking simple/to a minimum.  This week is so exception with the Boyz II Men concert on Monday night, game night on Wednesday and a sorority meeting on Thursday.

Sunday: Lunch  date w/ Miss PoliSci and Mrs. Bookworm; Chili (made with lean ground beef, ground turkey, and lots of veggies)

Meatless Monday: Boca Black Bean Burger; Veggie quesadilla (made with corn tortillas, fat-free refried beans, and reduced fat shredded cheddar cheese)

Tuesday: Chili; Baked Salmon w/ Brussels sprouts and a sweet potato

Wednesday: Chili; Snacks at Game Night — I’m taking an assortment of veggies, laughing cow cheese, and some Wasa Crackers

Thursday: Lunch out; Chili

Friday: Chili; TBD

I know that is a lot of chili but it’s easy and I love it.  Plus, I didn’t really want to make anything else this week since I’m going to be out and about so much.  I froze several servings of it as well.  I think next week is going to be an eat-what-you-have week since I discovered that I really have a lot of food in the freezer right now — black bean soup, turkey sausages, turkey hot dogs, black bean burgers, broccoli cheese potato soup, and now chili.

I’m also working on wasting less food.  The Pork Carnitas I made last week made A LOT so on Saturday morning after my spin class, I made Pork Carnitas breakfast tacos.  I admit they were a little random/weird, but they were delicious! The pork added a lot of flavor and I managed to work in another serving of the pork before it went bad.  Another way I can waste less food is to take a couple servings to my parent’s house when a recipe makes more than I can eat.  I ate the Pork Carnitas 4 times (I think) and Miss H and Miss K2 each had some and I still ended up throwing some out last night!


1 egg & 2 egg whites scrambled with pork carnitas, onion, and bell peppers and topped with reduced-fat cheese, salsa, cilantro and lime, served on corn tortillas.




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