Weekly Weigh-In: Week 0

Today was my first official Weight Watchers (from here on out fondly referred to as WW) weigh-in of 2011.  Technically, I rejoined WW the week before Thanksgiving, but I only went to two meetings and I didn’t really get my act together and get with the program.  So this morning, when I had inevitably gained holiday/lazy pounds, the WW staffer who was weighing me in suggested that we just make today my starting weight since I really had only gained weight since I re-joined.  I wanted to hug her. I feel like this really is my first week of actually trying in a long time so it seems natural that it would also be considered my starting week.  Plus, that means it’s all downhill from here, right? Okay, maybe not, but I mean from here on out the numbers should be generally rolling downwards.

This morning also reminded me how much I love WW meetings.  Back in the old days of 2008, when I was studying for the bar and going to 6 boot camp classes a week, I went to the 7am WW meeting every Thursday with my parentals.  (Let me tell you, it’s a lot easier to get up for the meeting when you live in your parents garage and can show up in work out clothes and no make-up because you have nowhere to be but the library after the meeting.)  I was amazed by how many faces in the meeting were still familiar.  And by how many people remembered me — which was both comforting and embarrassing in a way.  But it was nice to be reminded that the same people are still there because they’re still working at it too and don’t want to give up on themselves.

Plus, accountability is king.  More than one person asked where my parents were because they hadn’t seen them in a couple of weeks.  These people know what we look like and when we aren’t there they notice.  That motivates me to show up.  And I was reminded this morning of when I achieved my goal of losing 25 pounds in 2008 before they stopped giving out “25 pounds lost” magnets because I wanted one so badly.  (Come on, you know magnets are cooler than key chains.)  Every week that I was close my fellow meeting-goers would encourage me and cheer for me and when I finally got my magnet they were really happy for me.  And they were happy for me when I passed the bar exam and became an attorney.  It is truly amazing sometimes to feel like perfect strangers, who become friends, want you to succeed almost as much as you want to succeed.

So even though I weighed in today at my highest weight ever, I feel good, which I’m sure doesn’t make sense.  But I feel like getting on the scale and taking the first step of the promise I made to weigh-in every week was a good thing.  And the food I’ve eaten and the workouts I’ve completed this week have also been good.  The first few days of my Quest for Health (I’m trying out some different names for this because I don’t want to keep saying “I’m trying to lose weight this year” — it sounds totes boring;  I’m not fully committed to “Quest for Health” quite yet so suggestions for my journey are welcome) have gone well and I’m proud of that.  After all, I can only do it one day at a time.

Things to work on next week: Laying out clothes in advance and getting on a better sleep schedule.  Posts to follow I’m sure. =)

How are your New Years Goals/Resolutions/Plans shaping up this first week of 2011?



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2 responses to “Weekly Weigh-In: Week 0

  1. Mrs. BW

    A Year of Healthful Thinking, My Year in Health, Health-filled Year. . .just brainstorming. . .

  2. Lou Ann

    I’m proud of you! I have a feeling 2011 is going to be a FABULOUS year!

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