Valuable time.

I feel like we live in a culture of busy, busy, busy people constantly complaining about the number of hours in the day and how little time they have to pursue this, that or the other.

I was going to put a picture of Father Time here but then I googled him and found out he's totes creepy.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I spend my time and the things I want to accomplish in the New Year. Here are my observations:

1) I swear there must really be more hours in the day for some people.  I read so many blogs by people who are into crafting and cooking and blogging and home decor and their jobs and running marathons and well, just about anything else that is possibly “on trend” right now.  I SO want to be one of those people but apparently I am not one of the blessed few who seem to eek out a few extra hours every day to make/do crazy awesome stuff.

2)  You have time for the things you choose to make time for.  I can sit here and say that I don’t have time to train for a marathon or to learn to sew or to finish cleaning the scariness that is my room.  But I would be lying.  I don’t have time to run a marathon because I am afraid to commit to it.  I don’t have time to learn to sew because I am impatient as hell.  I don’t have time to finish cleaning my room because, well, I just don’t feel like it.  But I seem to have plenty of time to read blogs and eat and stay in constant communication with my friends and go to various and sundry meetings and social events.

3)  I suck at using my time well.  Let’s be honest — for an attorney, I really do have a job that allows me the freedom to have a life outside of work, which is  fantastic.  The sad part is my life outside of work is often spent doing things of little value.  I am the queen of squandering my time away.  Miss PoliSci has given me a hard time for years about the amount of TV I watch, which I always took offense to natch, but she’s right.  It’s exorbitant.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with zoning out to reruns of Beverly Hills, 90210 on Soapnet now and again, but probably not something to be doing on a regular basis.

4)  The more time I have, the less I accomplish.  I feel like the days when I have nothing to do after work are the days I fail to cook, wash any dishes, pick up my dirty clothes or make a plan for the next day.  But if I’ve been going 900 miles a minute and feel pretty busy, I seem to be more organized — I lay out my clothes for the next day, I put things in their proper places, etc.  I am also notorious for taking forever to get ready.  If I start getting ready 2 hours before we are supposed to leave the house for an event, you can bet your bottom dollar I will use all 2 hours.  And then there are days like today when I get up late and am ready and out the door in 45 minutes.  (It should be noted that I do look much better on the days when I spend the whole 2 hours… Just sayin’.)

As a result of these observations and of my quest for health, I have been trying to use my time more effectively.  So far I think I’ve done okay.  I have only spent 1.5 hours watching TV since Saturday night.  That is a pathetically amazing accomplishment for me.  I decided it was time to give up DVRing some of the more ridiculous things I watch — So long Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant/Hellcats.  I’m not going to stop watch TV all together, but it needs to be more of something I do when I have a little spare time in stead of something I do all of the time.

I’ve also found that when I focus on exercising and cooking and planning my meals and reading my Bible and laying out my gym clothes and going to bed at a decent hour, I just don’t have time to do as much of the random stupid stuff that I had been doing, which I can barely remember at this point.

I really hope to spend more of 2011 on things that and people who truly matter to me and less on the rest.  How do you spend your “free” or “spare” time?  Do you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish the things you would like to accomplish?

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