Ten Days: Day 3

Eight things I can’t live without (in no particular order):

8.  Banana Boat Chapstick.

7.  Air conditioning.  I live in Oklahoma and I am a sweater.

6.  Diet Dr. Pepper, except I did live without it during Lent in 2009 but it was pretty miserable for everyone involved…

5.  Sunglasses. Bigger = Better.

4.  Moisturizer.

3.  Fresh ground black pepper.

2.  Glasses/contacts.  Never let me drive without one or the other.

1.  Pony tail holders.  I love my hair, like way more than I should, but I have to be able to put it up or else it will smother me.

(PS – If you’re behind, this is what the Ten Days project is!)


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