These Are My Obsessions – Vol. II

1)  The Seventeen Magazine Project.  The author of this blog documented an experiment in which she lived the “Seventeen” lifestyle for 30 days.  She is so articulate, whip-smart and well-written at the ripe young age of 18! Not only am I impressed, but I also think that she’s downright hilarious.

2)  Banana Boat lip balm.  This has been my lip protection of choice for probably 5 years now.  At any given time I own no less than 7 tubes of it.

3)  Arnold Palmers.  The perfectly refreshing summer combo of lemonade and iced tea.  Even better with a splash of Firefly.

4)  The LC Braid.  I’ve been rockin’ this style for a while, but it is my favorite summer bohemian look.  Plus my bangs are whack right now but you can’t tell in the braid!

5)  My Michael Bolton Slacker Radio Station.  I feel as though my love of MB has been referenced enough in previous posts that this obsession really needs no explanation.

What are your summer favorites?  Do you like different cocktails or hairstyles or books during different seasons?  Or are you a loyal consumer year round?


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