These Are My Obsessions – Vol. I

In effort to mix things up a bit and because I like to talk about myself, I thought I’d start a little series about the things I am completely into, which right now happen to be:

1) Chips. Cheetos or kettle-cooked potato chips. I die for the salty crunch.

2) My tan.  I’ve been slathering on lotion like you wouldn’t believe to preserve my elusive summer glow.  And if it ever stops raining I’m totally going to shower in baby oil and sit outside for at least 8 hours.  Hey, these things take dedication.

3) Fire by Augustana.  Thank you Friday Night Lights for introducing me to it, even though I am SO mad at you, Matt Saracen.

4) Housewares.  Dishes, towels, bedding, etc.  I am in full on nesting-mode a la maison.  If you feel inclined to purchase a housewarming gift for me, please do so from my Target List!  (Okay, I don’t actually think you should buy me a gift, but you can see what I’m lusting after…there seems to be a bit of a theme developing.)

5)  Our Marriage Project.  Newlyweds blogging daily for the first year of their marriage? Brave, honest, fun, and almost-but-not-quite-too-sweet.

What are you all about this week?



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2 responses to “These Are My Obsessions – Vol. I

  1. Hey, thanks for listing us as one of your favorite blogs! And Friday Night Lights is SO in…although we probably won’t be reading your reviews on it since we’re still on season 2 and apparently Saracen does something stupid on whatever season you’re on…spoilers and such…

  2. quarterlifeconfused

    Sorry about the spoiler! I don’t usually talk about TV shows because I don’t want to say anything too revealing. Thanks for you stopping by!

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