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These Are My Obsessions. – Vol. III

1)  The Farmers’ Market. Best. Thing. Ever.  The food is all delicious and it lasts longer than stuff you buy at a grocery store because it’s fresh picked.  Plus, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside about supporting the local economy.

I wish it still cost one cent. It would be glorious.

2) Dubble Bubble.  I’m not sure what it is about the five-cent gum, but I love it.  And to be perfectly honest, I don’t really chew it so much as I eat it. Gross, but oh so delicious.  Other summertime throwback favorites — laffy taffy and now ‘n’ laters.

3) Drop Dead Diva.  I swear I am Jane/Deb.  Like to a T.  Except slightly less girly.  I devoured season one on DVD and have been recording season 2, but somehow I missed the first couple of episodes.  And I can’t find them on Lifetime or Hulu.  So lame.  A bag of dubble bubble to the first person who finds the missing episodes for me to watch (for free)!


4)  The Pioneer Woman.  Ree is my hero.  And I love butter.

5)  Targeted savings accounts.  I set up several with ING Direct because I have a hard time saving and because it helps me to have different accounts for the different things I want to save for — Car, House, Travels, Emergencies, etc.  The accounts were super easy to set up and it takes several business days for me to get my grubby little paws on the money so that is a HUGE plus for me, especially towards the end of the month when my wallet is feeling thin.


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Has anyone seen my soapbox?

Oh, here it is! Allow me to step up on to it and tell you what’s good.


Tomorrow, the great State of Oklahoma will hold primary elections for a whole host of offices including the offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, United States Senators and State Representatives, not to mention county races in the judiciary and executive branches.  Basically, lots of races end tomorrow and new ones begin and run until November.  I don’t doubt that many of my peers will vote in November, after all, it is a so-called election year (although I have my doubts about as many people voting in this election as did in the 2008 Presidential election).  But will they vote in the primaries tomorrow?  And did they vote last year for the mayoral election?  Or for the school bond issue?

I know I’m about to get up on my high horse, but I voted in the mayoral election and for the school bond and in the 2008 primaries.  I can’t say that I’ve voted every time I’ve had the chance since I turned 18 (what can I say, I was in living a somewhat oblivious college lifestyle), but I certainly try.  And here’s why you should too:

1)  Democracy.  I’m not one to get all patriotic and talk about how America is the greatest land in all the world, but I think that conceptually democracy is a pretty good deal and it is far better than some of the political constructs that still exist in other parts of the world.  The backbone of a democracy is voting.  I know you’ve heard people say that voting is our “civic duty” but I think it’s really our “civic opportunity.”  It is our opportunity to be heard, do our part, make a difference, blah, blah.  I mean, I’m a realist.  I know that by the numbers my personal vote might not make an actual difference, but if everyone thought that than no one would ever vote.  So I vote.  Because that’s what I should do.  Plus, I figure since I actually hit the polls, I can complain about all of the things our political leaders do that I dislike.  No vote = No complaining.


2)  Local.  As much as I think that the presidential election is important, I think that the argument can be made that local elections are the most important for me personally.  Yes, there are things the President and Congress do on the federal level that affect me, but the legislative and executive actions that truly affect my every day life are mandated by my governor, my state “representatives” (whether any of them actually represent me is definitely debatable), my mayor, and sadly enough, my cray-cray city council.  These people are actually making the decisions that I see and live every day — on my city streets (Construction much?), in the schools I once attended, at city parks, in my wallet, and every where in between.  Yes, major federal legislation regarding taxes and health care trickles down into my life, but sometimes I care more about decreasing numbers in city law enforcement due to lay offs and increases in my utility bills than about whether Congress decides to rename a post office.

3) Awareness.  I will openly admit to you that I am not as politically savvy as I ought to be.  I read The Frisky more than Huffington (or any other arguably reputable news source) and I’d rather watch Friends reruns than the nightly news.  But when I know there’s an election of any kind coming up, I pay more attention.  I scope out the candidates and the issues.  I spend more time understanding the things going on outside of my personal bubble.  And that’s definitely a good thing.  I know I should spend more time working on my political awareness than just the time I put in before elections, but I figure some time is better than no time, right?  Planning to vote in ALL elections requires me to spend some time brushing up on current events nationally and in my own backyard.  Knowing to some small extent what the crap is going on in the world makes me a better citizen. Than you.  Just kidding.  Sort of.

I don’t have a perfect voting record and I am certainly not well-versed in all aspects of current events on the national or local level, but on election days, I get up a little earlier (or get home a little later), drive to my polling place, and I vote.  And then I get a sticker.  Who doesn’t want a sticker?


So tomorrow, get out there and get yourself a sticker.  It will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  And you can feel superior to all of your sticker-less co-workers.  Dismounting soap box now…

Do you try to vote as much as possible?  Do you think local elections are as important as national ones?

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Baby on board?

Image Source.

No, I do NOT have a baby board, but my sister is having one on Friday (Woohooooo!), and as previously discussed, I live in America’s heartland, the buckle of the Bible belt, land of waving wheat and procreation.  Or so I always thought…

I have always known that I wanted kids.  Well, maybe I should rephrase that, I have never questioned whether or not I would have kids.  To me, it always felt like a given — you grow up, you get married, you have kids.  I’ve kept lists of potential names for them since I was ten years old.  I never envisioned my adult future sans children.

In light of this seemingly black and white view, I also never considered the possibility that my friends would not have children.  I vividly remember a conversation in law school in which Mrs. Preppy stated that she didn’t know if she wanted to have kids and Mrs. V proclaimed that she and Mr. V definitely would not have children.  This was the first time in my life that any of my friends even mentioned the idea that they would not have children.  It sort of blew my mind.  I certainly don’t think there is anything wrong with choosing not to have children, but I never expected my nearest and dearest to make that choice — why this never occurred to me is really an unknown.  I suppose I thought everyone else just felt the same way I did about it.

I read an article recently about why more women are choosing not to have children, and it posed a really interesting question — Why do you want to have children?  Honestly, I don’t know that I can articulate a specific reason for you, or more appropriately, for myself. Should I have them just because I want them even though I don’t know why I want them?

My friends who do not want children or who seem to be on the fence about having them can usually tell you at least three reasons why they fall on the no-kids side of things.  But I, who has wanted children for as long as I can remember, can’t really pinpoint why I want them? Well, that’s a little scary.  And if my friends aren’t going to have any kids, do I want to be the one who misses out on the fun adult things they get to do because I have kids? (Not that I think having kids means giving up your adult social life completely, but let’s be real, there are serious priority changes involved in having a family.)

As much as it alarms me that I can pinpoint why I want to have children, I still know that I do.  I have no idea where it comes from — society, hormones, religion, my family, TV, etc. — but there is a desire deeply ingrained in me to have children.  To hold them and love them and raise them and teach them and be taught by them.  But I also know now that having children isn’t for everyone.  The reasons for not wanting to have children are just as valid (if not more so) than my reasons (or lack thereof) for wanting to have them.

Do you want to have kids? Or not? What are the reasons you do or don’t want to procreate?  Does it surprise you to learn that some of your friends don’t want to have kids?

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These Are My Obsessions – Vol. II

1)  The Seventeen Magazine Project.  The author of this blog documented an experiment in which she lived the “Seventeen” lifestyle for 30 days.  She is so articulate, whip-smart and well-written at the ripe young age of 18! Not only am I impressed, but I also think that she’s downright hilarious.

2)  Banana Boat lip balm.  This has been my lip protection of choice for probably 5 years now.  At any given time I own no less than 7 tubes of it.

3)  Arnold Palmers.  The perfectly refreshing summer combo of lemonade and iced tea.  Even better with a splash of Firefly.

4)  The LC Braid.  I’ve been rockin’ this style for a while, but it is my favorite summer bohemian look.  Plus my bangs are whack right now but you can’t tell in the braid!

5)  My Michael Bolton Slacker Radio Station.  I feel as though my love of MB has been referenced enough in previous posts that this obsession really needs no explanation.

What are your summer favorites?  Do you like different cocktails or hairstyles or books during different seasons?  Or are you a loyal consumer year round?

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Ohhhhh, we’re half-way there…

Half-way through 2010 that is.  (Well, we’re more than half-way technically, but it didn’t occur to me to write this post until today so there you have it.)  I think it is time for a mid-year review of sorts to consider how I’m doing on my goals thus far and what I can do to step it up in the last few months before 2011 comes crashing into our lives. (Side bar: Remember when the year 2000 sounded so weird? Now, it’s going to be 2011.  Totally whack.)

The Goals:

1) Read 24 books: Year-to-date I’ve read 18 and I have four in my night stand that I have started and need to finish.  I think I am more than on track to conquer this one, but I have definitely slowed down in the last two months so I need to get back to the books.  You can see what I’ve been reading here.

2) Join a lifegroup: Check.  I started attending my lifegroup (i.e. bible study/small group) in March.  So far I really like it. We did a study over the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan and have done a few social activities.  I definitely think it has been a good thing for me to do.

3) Savings: Well, my savings aren’t up to par (surprise, surprise) BUT my credit score is up 70 points! Whoop whoop! I had a couple of retail cards that I got paid off and that is definitely a good thing.  And I was inspired by the new goals feature on which helped me renew my energy about working on my savings goals.

4) Lose weight: Um, didn’t happen, yet.  Things have been weird/stressful this spring, but I know, excuses are worthless.  My mom and I have a new (it’s actually something we’ve done before but we’re getting back on it) game plan though and I am excited and ready to make some serious progress.  I also was peer pressured (cough, Geoffersonspin, cough) into signing up for the Oklahoma MS 150 Bike Ride in September so I have a new training goal, which always keeps me on track.  And if you really want to help motivate me, you can donate to sponsor me in the ride! (Shameless plug? Heck yes.)

5)  Join one charity organization: This hasn’t happened yet.  However, my Lifegroup does volunteer monthly at a children’s home so I think that counts.  And I am contemplating (between now and July 31st) joining the Junior League which does lots of local charitable activities.  Or so I’m told.

Other Good 2010 Stuff (Because it is important for me to remind myself that I am in fact having a good year.)

Yes, I am inappropriately proud of my chair. Plus this post was totally picture poor.

1) I purchased my very first piece of furniture.  It made me feel so adult. It also made me feel like I should get renters’ insurance.  Not because the chair would necessarily be covered, but because that’s what you do to protect your stuff.

2)  I finished the OKC Memorial Half-Marathon.  It did not go according to plan, but I did it and that’s what matters to me.

3)  I am currently serving as an officer for the local alumnae chapter of my sorority.  So far it has been really fun — I’ve met a lot of new people and I’m enjoying my attempt to re-live the college dream.  I’ve also been asked to serve on an advisory board for the chapter at the University of Tulsa and I’m looking forward to getting involved with that.

4) I co-founded a historical fiction book club with Mrs. Bookworm.  Thus far the book selections have been sub-par, but we’re having a good time and growing our group.

5)  Miss Agnes and I are planning a ski trip! I haven’t been skiing in years and I cannot wait to go! I hope it’s like riding a bike.  If not, it’s going to be a painful experience.

I’d say that 2010 is going pretty well so far.  And it has definitely been better than 2009: The Hangover.  I’m doing okay on my goals/to-dos so far and I think the ones I have plenty of time to redeem myself on the ones I haven’t worked as hard at yet.  I just can’t believe that we are already more than half-way through 2010!

How are your 2010 goals coming? What else do you want to accomplish this year?

PS – Clearly, I was completely link happy in the post. Happy clicking!

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21 Things I Wish I Had Known at 21

One of my favorite guilty pleasure sites, The Frisky, recently did a story on things they wish they knew when they were 21.  And then the lovely Miss H made her own list and encouraged me to do the same.  So without further ado, 21 things I wish I had known at 21:

1.)  Spending all of your disposable income and time partying is like putting a down payment on a bigger pair of jeans.

2.)  At 21, you have no idea what you want to do with your life.  And that’s okay.

3.)  Clean breaks are the best breaks even if they hurt the most at first.

4.)  Credit cards are the devil.

5.)  There is no such thing as fat and happy.

6.)  Nothing good happens after 2 am.  It may seem good at the time, but it isn’t.

7.)  Drinking an entire bottle of champagne is NEVER a good idea.

8.)  If it’s on the internet today, it will be on the internet until the rapture.

9.)  Passive aggressive behaviors are immature, frustrating, and completely counter-productive.

10.)  You will never have the opportunity to bum around Europe or study abroad for a summer again.

11.)  Own a good-quality, well-fitting suit preferably in black.

12.)  Take pictures of the important and not-so-important things and people in your life.  Have them printed.  Frame them or put them in photo albums.

13.)  Go see your grandparents.

14.)  Thank your parents.  A lot.

15.)  Go on a siblings trip before they/you all get married and have babies.

16.)  Some friendships will be short stories instead of epic sagas.

17.)  Sunscreen is your face’s best friend and expensive moisture is worth it.

18.)  Wear your retainer.

19.)  Keeping things on the DL or being friends with benefits will never evolve into the relationship you want.

20.)  Do all the things you really want to do and none of the things you don’t.  It will make your life more fun, more interesting and far less stressful.

21.)  These really are the best times in your life.

What do you known now that you wish you had known when you were younger?  What would you tell your younger-self if you could?

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Catching up. Causing grief.

I loathe the phrase (or variations of) “we need to catch up soon!”  It irritates me to no end.  Seriously, Mrs. B and I once got into an actual argument about it — for the record, this argument was 100% my fault and the result of me being totally pissy pants.  I used to think it bothered me when people said this because I felt like if you need to say “let’s catch up” then we aren’t that close.  If we were really good friends, we would talk often enough for you to know what is going on in my life without having to schedule a phone date to “catch up.”  (Note: I am in no way knocking phone dates.  I think they are at times vital to long distance friendships and to not-so-long-distance ones when a phone tag issue arises.)

Here’s the truth.  I hate it when people say “let’s catch up” or “what’s new with you” because I don’t have anything to say.  And it makes me feel bad.  So I talk about other people’s lives — my sister’s pregnant, my roommates did this or that, so and so got married, blah, blah, blah.  But really, none of that is about ME.  Sure, some of those things impact my life but I find that I have less and less to say about my self and what I’ve been up to every day. And it totally scares me.

My parents were giving me a hard time recently about my regimented lifestyle and it sort of upset me, but really, they’re right.  Every week I go to church, bible study, kickball and/or trivia night, lose and gain the same 3-5 pounds, go to work, and workout semi-consistently.  That’s it.  Nothing else happens.  I have nothing else to talk about that is truly mine.  I can talk about my friends new jobs or break ups or dates or vacations, but I don’t actually have any of those of my own.

It makes me feel like my life isn’t going anywhere.  But then I type that sentence and I see how ridiculous it looks/sounds.  I do not have a dead-end job.  I am not “too old” to change anything and everything about my life if I want to.  Really, I’m at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exciting things that will (hopefully) happen in my life.  But when someone asks what’s new with me, I immediately feel stagnant.  It makes me wonder how other people respond to that question…

Do they talk about the new person they’re seeing? Or their new car? Or some promotion they just got at work? Does the response have to be something big and exciting? Or can “what’s new with me” include the book I just finished reading and the new drapes I bought for my living room? Because those are the things I have to talk about.  Sure, I can talk about work, but I honestly don’t think that my non-attorney friends want to hear about it and I don’t want to sound pretentious or pompous or any of those other snarky adjectives commonly associated with my profession.

I think I probably read way too much into it when people suggest we catch up.  They aren’t looking for me to tell them about all these grand, exciting things happening in my life.  They just want to know how things are going, if I’ve seen any new movies, what events (big or small) are important in my life right now.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  And I need to stop being such a freak about it.  And adding excessive pressure to myself.  And thinking that my life is so miserable because I don’t get to tell my friends about my flavor-of-the-week every time they call.  It’s okay to just talk about Mel Gibson (even though every major media outlet in the world has already talked him to death, in two days) and the new bike gear I want to buy and how obsessed I am with the Pioneer Woman.  None of it is that exciting or new or worthy of celebration, but it’s my life.  And it’s a good one.  And I should be grateful and proud of that.


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