Glory Days. They passed us by?

Editor’s Note:  Today’s posts examine the college experience from two different perspectives — the male story is an exercise in learning and the female story is an examination of the best parts of college.  Please join me in welcoming contributing blogger GeoffersonSpin!

Glory days well they’ll pass you by
Glory days in the wink of a young girl’s eye
Glory days, glory days

You know how “adults” always told you that college was the time of their life? And you thought, “Come on.  It has to get better than this.”  Well, they were right and young you was oh-so-very-wrong.

Big-Little Christmas Party 2004 with (clockwise from top left) Miss PR, T, L, Me, and Miss Dubs

I completed my undergraduate degree five years ago. Five.  I still talk about college like it was yesterday.  It feels like it was yesterday.  (Or I have successfully convinced myself that the last five years of my life never happened.  Either way.)  I miss everything about it.  Perhaps we should glimpse back to college me…

Halloween 2003 with Mrs. LR and Mrs. K2 -- My date (who I don't actually remember...) was a pirate and I was a "treasure chest."

I was a professional nap-taker.  I slept between every single class  There were honestly semesters when my day didn’t really start until 5:00 p.m.

I lived in the sorority house for my entire college career.  No cooking, no cleaning, no bill paying, no yard work, and no running to the store for TP.  I was one of the few sisters who I think really embraced the responsibility-free household model in which we lived.  It was glorious.

It didn’t matter if I went to class or not.  I was a French major.  (I know, what did I think I was ever going to do with that?!)  Most of my major classes were all about reading and writing papers.  My profs didn’t take attendance so I didn’t attend.  Most of the elective classes I took were huge lectures of 200+ people.  No one ever knew if I wasn’t there.  Or if I was there sleeping under my OSU hat.

Jeans and a sorority t-shirt were my uniform.  No one expected me to wear anything else on a daily basis.  Sure, twice a month I’d schlep out some black dress pants for formal chapter and of course, I’d put on a “going out shirt” for Thursday-Saturday nights, but other than that I rocked my letters and some comfy pants 24/7.

Semi-Formal 2004

My friends were literally at my finger tips every day.  Although I did spend a couple of semesters in some random room assignments, most of the time my friends were within 10 feet of me at all times.  We lived in the same rooms or at least down the hall from one another.  And even the ones who weren’t in the sorority house with me were most likely a few blocks away.  Being able to spend almost every waking moment with people I adored was an experience and a blessing I will never, ever be able to replicate.

I could tell you a million stories about the fun and admittedly stupid/irresponsible things I did in college.  I could tell you about the moments that forever shaped who I am.  I could tell you about how little I appreciated it at the time.  But you already know.  Because some of you were right there with me and even if you weren’t, I don’t doubt you did it all too.

I’m not saying that being a “grown up” is horrible or that I don’t think my future is full of wonderful things.  I know life still has so much to offer me, but my life now is full of work and bills and traffic and responsibility that I just didn’t have then.

I would go back in a heartbeat and I’d do it all again without question.  Wouldn’t you?

What’s your favorite college memory?  Were your college years your glory days?  What makes your life more fun now than it was then?


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