There’s gold in the air of summer.

Sunrise over Yost Lake, Oklahoma

Memorial Day weekend is a mere 66 days away (yes, I have a countdown) and needless to say, I cannot wait. I initially thought that upon graduation and entrance into the so-called working world, summer would lose its meaning. Much to my own surprise, last year I discovered that somehow, for me anyway, summer is even better now that I am a gainfully employed contributing member of society. (You can break down whether or not you think that’s an accurate description of me at your leisure.)

I think as child and then later, as a perpetual student, summer is something I completely took for granted. It came and went every year as expected. I was entitled to it. Don’t get me wrong, I did not spend my summers living the life of luxury — I worked and had sports practices at crazy hours in all kinds of heat and went to church camp and on family trips that involved riding your bike 400+ miles in a week. (What up Freewheel!) But somehow it was okay because it didn’t really matter if you stayed up too late and there was no homework to forget about or tests to prepare for or crucial winter formal outfits to buy.

Now summer is completely different, but it still has that magical glow of youth about it. And those few precious summer holidays – Memorial, Independence, & Labor Days – are worth so much more to me. What is it about summer, the season, that makes everything seem so much more magical than the rest of the year? Maybe it’s just me, but seriously, everything is more fun in the summer. Work is less stressful (hello, everyone is on vacay!) and somehow my friends seem funnier and my parents are more laid-back. For some reason I have always felt like summer held all the possibilities that were stifled but the drone of the rest of the year.

Now, summer doesn’t necessarily eliminate the hubbub of my day-to-day life, but it just seems to lighten everything. It’s full of laughter and sunshine and sweat and cicadas and that perfectly eerie golden glow of evening. God, I would love to bottle that and have it year round.

Yes, I love summer (clearly) and yes, I am counting down the days until the best season of the year begins. And just for fun, here are some things I love about summer: the smell of sunscreen/tanning oil; gin and tonics; sundresses; big hats; cold beer; games – tennis, kickball, gin, jump or dive, etc. ; over-sized sunglasses; koozies; homemade ice cream; bikes; the lake; guacamole; hot dogs; baseball games (live, not on TV); the smell of charcoal grills and new inflatable rafts; beach reads; natural highlights; and feeling exquisitely sunbaked all the time.

What are your favorite things about summer? Do you love it as much as I do? Or is my golden summer obsession totally weird?

PS – I sort of borrowed this title from a song I adore, Gold in The Air of Summer by Kings of Convenience. Check it out here!


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  1. long5686

    I was holding out hope that you might mention gin a third time in that paragraph at the bottom!

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