It’s always something…

…which means I seem to accumulate nothing. So as previously posted here and here, I am trying to clean up my finances this year. One of my major goals is to accumulate some savings! Unfortunately, it seems like there’s always something that I have to save for and then I pay for it and my savings are back at nil, or close to it.

Things that have come up in the last few months: Dental visit ($125); Corneal Ulcer = 5 co-pays plus 3 prescriptions ($155); and Bridesmaid dress alterations ($120). Individually, none of those things is that big of a deal, but they all chip away at the extra $$$ I could be putting into my savings account each month. Plus, there are other expenses that are not part of my monthly budget that I’ve paid lately — Kickball registration ($63), Lake Membership Dues ($589), and OKC Half-Marathon Registration ($70) — but aren’t really necessities. Oh, and I probably need new tires soon ($400 – $500) and prescription sunglasses due to the corneal ulcer ($150).

I know what you’re thinking — um, hello! Re-prioritize! Well, in some ways, I have. I decided to forgo season football tickets this year even though I REALLY want them, my Netflix membership goes buh-bye on Sunday, and I stopped going out to lunch for Lent. Last year, I did all of those things PLUS paid the other unbudgeted items listed above. So see, I’ve made some progress, right?

But last year my lovely madre still paid for all of my teeth cleanings (Yahtzee!), I thankfully had no persistent health problems, and my tax return was far more amazing. It just seems like every year or month there is some different obstacle that is preventing me from accumulating any wealth. I mean, not even wealth, but just a small pile of green in case my car decides to bite the dust — this is one of my biggest fears right now (although, I’m not really sure why – my car is 8 years old and has a little less than 100,000 miles on it, where I come from, that is still new and gently used).

I know that part of my problem is that one of my savings accounts is directly linked to my checking account. I was totally sold by the convenient transfers and keep the change roll-overs. But the problem is the convenient transfers. It is WAY too easy to get money from my savings into my checking account. In fact, I made one such transfer this morning. Not okay. I’ve started putting a little money in a savings account that I have had since birth at another bank, but it is slow going. I’ve just never been good at saving. I can save for something specific — back to school clothes or a trip — but not just to have money available in the event of an emergency because that is the responsible thing to do.

I am trying to eat out less (serious struggle) and spend less money on stupid stuff (I am weaning myself off my weekend Target trips, buying magazines, and paying full price for books). But well, it just sucks. I guess admitting I have a problem saving is the first step to…well, hopefully doing a better job of putting money in savings and actually leaving it there. I seriously have little to no financial discipline.

Do you ever feel like you just can’t get ahead on saving money/planning for your future/retirement funds?


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