Part II: More Success = Less Marriage?

I realize that in my previous post I didn’t actually offer any opinions on the barrage of questions I presented so shame on me. My personal thoughts:

1. Some people assume that because I am an attorney I am a highly motivated career-oriented individual. Clearly, these people haven’t actually met me.

2. SOME men are threatened by “successful” or “professional” women. (I’m not suggesting that I am either of these things, but there is a common misperception about my profession. See #1)

3. I think , the more highly educated you are, the more of an intellectual snob you are. I am insanely guilty of this. I’m not saying that I don’t associate with people who spent less time in school than I did — these people are my very smart friends who did not waste thousands of dollars on degrees that aren’t necessarily worth it — I am saying that I am more interested in, for mating purposes ONLY, well-educated, intellectual men. I know, ridiculous. I feel bad actually saying it out loud.

So when you add #1, 2, and 3, where does that leave me? Super single! Partially my fault, partially theirs. So is there a man out there who is smart, well-educated and okay with the fact that I am too? Man, I really hope so.

As for being the breadwinner, obviously that’s not really something I can control. You love who you love and sometimes that means traditional roles are reversed in terms of who is bringing home the bacon. My mom has always been the breadwinner in my family and my dad has always had more flexible working hours, which was a huge benefit to us all growing up. It seems to work for them so who is to say it won’t work for me some day? On the other hand, my sister is fortunate enough to stay home with my awesome nephew and that seems like it would be a pretty amazing experience too. Plus, I’m not the most financially disciplined person so being in charge of the family’s dime scares me to death! Really, this isn’t something I can plan for anyway, so I guess there’s really no point it worrying about it now! I think I need to get back to step one: find a mate! Haha.


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