Background Check.

So here’s what you need to know about me…Okay, more like here’s what I’m willing to tell you at this point in our very new virtual relationship.

1. I’m in my mid-twenties.

2. I’m an attorney. (Insert gasp, lawyer jokes, grimaces, etc. here)

3. I hail from the great state of Oklahoma. (No, that is not sarcasm in my voice.) I love the smell of waving wheat, the wind that sweeps down the plains, and the Oklahoma State University Cowboys.

4. I am super single; by this I mean, I am single and not talking to/dating/casually boning/or even crushing on anyone. I may be more single now than I have ever been in my life.

5. I have been a bridesmaid five (5) times. My knowledge of all things weddings is rather immense for someone who has never actually planned her own. I read the blogs. I buy the magazines. I am a self-professed Wedding Addict. I’m sure one day this will pay off, but right now, I just look as crazy as Monica did on Friends when she whipped out her giant wedding scrapbook the day she got engaged. I will so be that girl. And no, I am not proud of it.

6. I consider myself an avid reader and am currently involved in two book clubs — one online and one in real life. Both are new adventures for me and I’m looking forward to seeing whether they are actually fun or they just sound fun in theory.

7. I go to church. I love Jesus. I struggle daily with my spiritual desires and worldly desires because they are frequently at odds.

8. I am in a constant battle to lose weight. I love food. And surprisingly I love exercise. My two loves have been fighting an epic battle since I was about 16… More on that later…

9. My parents have been married for 30+ years. I have a brother, a sister, a brother-in-law, a fantastic nephew, and a neice/nephew on the way. I blame these people for most of my neuroses and all of my success.

10. I also have a bevy of diverse (I mean in terms of personality, sadly not ethnicity) friends who both keep me sane and drive me crazy on a regular basis. I’m sure you will become very familiar with their quirks and antics as our virtual relationship progresses….

So here’s to our budding, virtual relationship, to the blogoshpere, and to all the misadventures to come, which I hope will entertain you, probably make you feel better about your own crazy life, and maybe shed some light on the harsh realities of our twenties. You know, the ones no one ever prepared us for.


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